Disciples – Part IV: Simon and Judas [1976]


Excerpt: In the twelve followers of the Master, we find delineations, which are so profound in thy sphere and in the universal scheme that it is truly of amazement.


We find as stated in the five races of man and the senses of man; we find the celestial realms or alliances or spheres, if you prefer; we find in the Coptic references to the triadical being in the mere reduction of such number; we find within the Hindu many of the seasons of man or the elevations of man; we find in the spiritual directions of the Caucasians, many of them the twelve temples, the twelve points of the crown, existing upon an inspired one.


But even moreso in import, and to this extent now we believe newly given to you, we find the basic characteristics of man manifested within the Disciples themselves. Just so as one would find that the Master and the Twelve about him are in essence a composite grouping upon which each one contributes a portion or fragment of individuality unto the Master himself. So as when the Master gathered each of them and was complete unto that purpose, then was He was fully complete in his ability to express unto all men.

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