Disciples – Part III: Judas [1976]


Excerpt: But the action did not traverse itself as his heart or thoughts would have it, and the general results are recorded in the spiritual writings of the Master.


And so it was again the departure of this soul that concluded an important point in mankind’s travels unto God. And so it was with much joy and sorrow combined that he again entered the realm of true being or the spiritual body. Comforted by many souls in these realms and rejoiced along with the Master, as it was recognized at these levels that these forces would continue to bear a monument unto man throughout time. And without his act of grace, though it is seen as betrayal in some quarters, perhaps the entire lifetime of the Master would have not quite so much significance.


The soul then, which would call him Judas, prepares himself again for entry to the Earth plane, though his task this time will not be in the same nature. For as a deed is performed, the opposite is recorded and in a sense entitled to that soul, and just as interpretations are perpetuated on the Earth plane, somewhat so they are done in the eternal or etheric realms, as you call them. So the balancing factor will have its toll, and he will reenter this time as, by your standards, a soul in great radiance and in great dedication to the Master and his purpose. His will be, perhaps, one role of great honor and service to the Master, see? Ready for questions here.

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