Arthritis: A Compilation of Excerpts [1976]


This is a compilation of excerpts from a number of readings for individuals on this topic.


Excerpt: There is no need for arthritis to be endured for any length of time. There are those remedies which can be used directly to alleviate same, not the least of which, strangely, might be exercise out of doors. Always follow any such outside activity with a good warm soak or a slightly prolonged shower to remove drosses which are brought to the outer layers of the skin – the epidermal – and this can be very therapeutic and also very beneficial, see, in terms of body, mind and spirit. See?

Many of the foodstuffs which contain colorants, dyes, chemicals, and such, aggravate the neurological system and therefore, in turn, can cause constriction to the tiny passageways which promote the lubrication of the joints, the muscles, which are associated with same, and all that sort. The function of the bursars, for example, is one such. But when these can become, in a manner of speaking, occluded, blocked, or clogged, then it is difficult for the body in the normalized sense to accomplish the secretions, the production of the lubricants and such, and thereafter you have irritation, inflammation, swelling, and such.

We would take some berry juices into the diet, because this will soothe, along with the comfrey tea, the neurological fibrils, and generally will prevent them from becoming irri- tated by the residual effects found in the body.

We would avoid carbonated, distilled, fermented, or alcoholic beverages for the next 21 Earth days, and including in that abstinence, chocolate, cacao, vanilla, and any old con- diments or spices that you might otherwise find used in the cooking. Keep these out of the diet, just to avoid fungal infection in the lower alimentary. Because of mucus deposits here, this is a potential. See?

We’d suggest mild stimulative exercises such as rotating the head, similar to what Edgar Cayce has given, or that information given through him, which is to bob the head left, right, forward, back, each three times, coming to rest at center upright after each; then counter-clockwise and clockwise, each three times. See? The purpose for this is to flex the transverse or longitudinal branching that is associated with the superior cervical and the spinal column.


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