World Trade Center Revisited – One Man’s Journey [2002]


Given on the first anniversary of the WTC disaster of 9/11, Lama Sing checks in on one of the suicide bombers.


Excerpt: “While I was in the Earth, and looked with shock to see the craft, and then a blinding moment or two, and I looked around and could see naught that was familiar, I felt a strong energy, pulling on me. And another, pulling in another direction.


“I looked about, and I saw naught but darkness. And for a moment a thought of fear, and panic, if you will, visited me. But something embraced me from the darkness. I knew it not, and yet, within me, I realized I have always known it.


“I saw, then, that the fear, the doubt, the sense of not knowing where I was, or what I was for that matter, was seen through the eyes of eternity…my eternity. And I saw it to be like a covering, like a mesh of some sort of woven intent pulling me off to the side. And somehow, I reached up, and took it down from my being, and dropped it.” –Lama Sing

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