Posted Jan 06, ’16 – No further incarnation required?


Question: Some people are told in life readings that they do not have to return to Earth after their current lifetime – they are freed from the reincarnation cycle. Assuming the previous statement is true, what is the difference in reaching Christ Consciousness versus reaching a state of consciousness that frees a person from the reincarnation cycle of Earth?

Al: The attainment of Christ Consciousness would mean that the individual had freed themselves from all limitation and attained Oneness with Father. This would be a state of utter freedom, in the highest sense of that word.

A person who is freed from the reincarnation cycles of the Earth has accomplished all that they can by way of lifetimes expressed in the Earth. This doesn’t mean that they have attained Christ Consciousness, but that they have completed their involvement with finite expressions and emotions that are prevalent in the Earth.

After having completed their sojourns in the Earth, they will move on to the next highest level of consciousness that they are willing to accept. Once they are conscious or awake at that level, they will have the opportunity to explore and understand why they are unable to move any further, and ultimately be inspired to seek a higher one.

Being freed from involvement in further incarnations in the Earth realm is very significant in many ways. In realms of consciousness beyond the Earth realm, for example, the veils of separation between the finite and infinite are significantly “thinned”. This makes it possible for teachers and guides who are in spirit form to more easily assist the entity without violating universal law. Additionally, since they are freed from the energies that are traditionally finite, thereafter they are working more specifically with the mind and spirit as opposed to the much broader array of influences present in the Earth.