Newsletter #02 – Aug 12, 2018


Al Miner / Lama Sing News


Lama Sing has long spoken of—emphasizing “in and about” every time—2018 as when we would be presented a choice, a decision.


Unfortunately, most of the readings were burned, so it is difficult at this time to know when the group first began speaking of this paramount moment to come. There are about 800 readings we have recovered that are still awaiting transcribing and/or digitizing for the website; of the readings available to be researched, the earliest known reference that included a date was found in a personal reading from 1980. The following excerpts are mostly from separate readings:

“There will follow a plateau, which can be of variable length or duration, and either the continuity of that level of achievement or accomplishment will continue, or there will be a decline. If the latter, there will be all manner of change to the Earth, which will also affect self and all others. This time period, as we perceive it, is approximately 2013 to 2018 or 19 as the time of testing.”  1980

“… 2018 (approximate, see) when the window of transition appears.”  1998

“The spirit is emerging in the Earth with considerable rapidity. It will continue to do so for the fullness of this cycle of intersection, which we would estimate to be until 2013 to 2018.  In that time period, precisely, is a window of opportunity of some considerable majesty.” 1998 [The “window” is often referred to as 2013-2018.]

Referring to an individual being inquired about:  “… could be among that next (quote) ‘wave of good souls,’ (end quote) who will return around, let’s say, 2018. That should be about the beginning. See? And in that time period, then, could be one of those who will strive to come in with the Light. We’d measure this 2013, approximate, to 2018, as the opening of the Way, so to say. Not to be taken too literally, but a little wouldn’t hurt.” 1998

“… Was this for those works as its primary purpose? Certainly, this could be said as  being valid. But more than this, it was for the association with other souls who are scheduled to enter to potentially be a part of such wondrous works. Dependent upon events between 2013 and approximately 2018, the probability of these opportunities coming into the reality (as it’s called) of Earth is very high.”  1998

“This is a powerful time. Convergence upon convergence. Mini-cycle and major cycles are in a confluence. It is an opportunity between now and (immediately now, see) and the next, well, let’s generously say until 2018, approximate.” 1999

“Trends towards shifts in longer growing periods in the northern belt from about 34-35 degrees north upwards. This, of course, is accompanied by potential warming polarly, which will raise the sea level in a striking ascension. That period through 2013 and again reaching out to approximately what you call 2020—more accurately 2018, but let’s round these numbers a bit—spiritual enlightenment will prevail here. Possible new energy sources may be (note this) re-discovered (not discovered, see). Little can be done to change the climatic shift. This is accelerating. Those changes require massive cooperation, which seems unlikely before 2013.” 1999

And on and on through to the last reading, this message was given, if not hammered.


So, what about this time is so important?
What happens “in and about 2018-2018”? And what happens afterwards?

“The point of transit will probably begin to be impacting the Earth around 2018.” 1999

“As is apparent, some of this is dependent upon the choices made and those who answer that call. This is not to be vague, not illusive, but to be definitive.” 2001

“And it will not be an ending (in the manner as often referred to) but a choice of whether to remain in the finite or move into the infinite; or to change the way one remains in the finite, that the greater joy and happiness of all can begin to be woven into a time of profound peace. All of this and greater is the potential that awaits humankind.” 2016

“The Promise is not that which seeks to vanquish, but rather, that which seeks to call forth, lovingly, the eternal nature of each, utterly boundless.” 2016

“Those who are in opposition will know the Light and will, in that moment of decision, need to choose which path they shall follow: whether it be to continue on a path of illusion or whether they would choose to release these intentions and find their own peace within. So doing, is the only pathway that can truly set those who are in dis-ease and dis-harmony free. There will be the continued conflict between the forces that seek to dominate and those which are seeking Freedom, until such a point where these will stand before one another without the ability to harm one another. And, then, shall the Promise appear, and the choices will be made.

“These energies will rise up, and those who wish to be Free may rise up upon them. And they will rise up in a manner that is difficult to describe. The heightened energies bursting forth from the Earth will lift up others who are willing … riding these energies, as you would see a bird circling and soaring higher and higher.” 2016


Is there something I could or should be doing?

“Those who are called the Elders and the Angelic Host have come forward to be (paraphrasing this for understanding…don’t lean on this too literally) a part of these  realms of consciousness and expression, to maximize the opportunities. … We tell you clearly, this is not a quest to find something. It is not a mission where you are going forth to obtain, to gather something.  It is a process of learning to accept and to claim the Truth of what is already within you!”  1999

“Overall, dear friends, look to the children of your planet: What you think, what you believe, what you embrace is the thought-form they are inheriting! Let whatsoever you believe in and consider to be holy be the pattern and guiding force to all that you think and do.” 1999

“We ask that you would listen with your inner self. We ask that you would see this inner self of you, which is so beautiful, reaching out to connect to your own higher consciousness, and this connecting with universal consciousness. And then, in this way, release the limitation, the thought that this way is not passable, this work is not possible, and I am not worthy: these are thoughts which are prevalent in the Earth.” 1999

Affirming your Uniqueness is the pivot point, for the Uniqueness of Self is that which is eternal. As life in the Earth tends to contribute to the diminishment of the individual Uniqueness, so then does it become of considerable import for you to recognize that this is as a beautiful, small inner flame. Secondary to that just given: the inner search for those things which still bind you, tie you, keep you somewhat dwelling under past influence. This is that time of promise; if you ask, it will be given to you. Practice forgiveness. Practice claiming your Uniqueness. Do not struggle with life. It is transitory. The Life which is in you is eternal.” See? 1999

“Being conscious of this is affirming it. By the affirmation of it, there is the process of claiming. The process of claiming is an empowering one and as you choose it, as you, from your free will, reach out to it, knowing it to be a Force of Light in God’s name is further enhancing to it. It is like making a passageway to contribute to the entree of the Forces of Light.”  2000

“What does this mean to the individuals there upon the Earth?  This is dependent upon each individual and the nature of their spirit and their free will. It portends the opportunity for considerable advancement in terms of the potential of each.” 2000

A question was asked about all this referencing an Edgar Cayce reading: “A small number of individuals dedicated themselves to building a force of strength, of purity, of such a nature that forces seeking domination could not penetrate, and thus the western coast of North America did not incur invasion. It came very close. Most do not know this, but if you seek through your country’s documents (which have recently been released, we are told), you will find that they were on the doorstep several times. But it was not the force of arms alone that forestalled them; it was the vision of hope and the empowerment of the spirit of these peoples…

“Thus, in this manner, that spiritual force repulsed the opposing force … not alone, by the intent of that small grouping, but by the will of the peoples … the united attitude of: We can sustain; we shall overcome (again, what Dr. King uttered). But now this must be carried, you see, not to a certain race but for the children of God to see themselves as one. For in the passing of your bodies, you will surely know this to be true. How much the better, then, that you choose Freedom now: that you choose to see yourselves beyond the outer and see the hope and the beauty and the wonder that is your potential. 2008

“What can you offer to a brother or sister who has wronged you?” 2016

And on and on . . .
Contact me if you have thoughts or questions and we might include them in a coming Newsletter

Al   1997

The Choice

The choice will be

whether or not to return to your utter Beingness … no quantifiers, no qualifiers, no limitations; only the True Completeness of You as You were in the Beginning (and still are) without the encasements that were in place as the prerequisite for this and other incarnations. 

So you might ask an obvious question: Why would I not choose this? Because it means letting go, giving up all things finite in order to regain All that is infinite.

Then, why would I want to choose this when I sort of like my life now? True, you might not when the Choice is standing in front of you. In that case, your choice would be to carry on with life as you know it; meaning, you will be choosing the good along with the not-so-good because that is life as defined and accepted by us … just the way Life is.

Would giving up the finite mean death?  No. It means Life in the greatest sense possible: Free.

What do you mean, Free?  Well, why do you brush your teeth? Because of the possibility of decay. After The Choice, having returned to your Beingness, you would no longer be subject to decay. You would no longer be subject to anything. In fact, what would be the purpose of teeth at all in one such being? Given this light-hearted example, you and I could have some fun coming up with quite a list of what we would be Freed from. 

What might I be Freed to?  How about being able to Freely journey back into the Heart of our Creator and then back out again to any experience of your choice? Al did that countless times, but once he was again returned to his finite expression, he was not able to do so other than in meditation. Even through all these journeys and all he’d experienced, he had not yet fully Freed himself. This is the potential awaiting you (each of us) in The Choice. Fear. Disease. Misunderstanding. Grief. Guilt. Poverty. Etc. … all Freed.

Didn’t Al become Free when He “died”?Yes, but he was adept at Knowing what Freedom tastes like, looks like, feels like (using human senses to conjure some depth of understanding), having made the journey into Utter Freedom more than 10,000 times. This also afforded him the opportunity, which was often a challenge for him, to compare what he had just experienced with the issues he would have to face the following day. Death is no guarantee; not everyone who dies makes it all the way out of finiteness and off the Wheel of Karma. That’s why Lama Sing once said, with good nature, “Death is overrated.” 

So you mean I wouldn’t I automatically be Free once I “die”?  This question is a rather complicated one and very worthy of focus, with some important background information given first.

I will do so in the next Newsletter.

An AL-ecdote:

Actually, a “Lamasing-ism” that I thought you might enjoy as he was becoming accustomed to the English language:  “The rule of digit”  👍

“Ha-El la-em a-mel:  would be the Atlantean equivalent of ‘May the Peace  of God be awakened within thy heart.’ Not quite the same as ‘Om Shanti’, but probably the closest proximity we can find here (no old Atlanteans present at the moment, see).  We are through here for the present. 

“May the grace and blessings of our Father’s wisdom ever be as a lamp to guide your footsteps. Fare thee well then for the present, Dear Friends.”    

                                                                                                   -Lama Sing