Newsletter #01 – Aug 5, 2018

Al Miner / Lama Sing News


An Introduction to these new Newsletters

Thank you for honoring me with the opportunity to commune with you in order to continue Al’s work. My focus will be on what I believe is the central message of the Lama Sing Group through all 45 years, underscored in Al’s final year +. I will reiterate their message in layman’s terms based on conversations he and I had, as well as those we had with the Group sometimes in private readings, and include accompanying excerpts from as far back as 1973 because the message never wavered. So, these newsletters will draw upon the Lama Sing readings, Al’s understanding and embodiment of them, and my own perspective.

While Lama Sing always honored the Bible as well as the works of others, the Group was very clear that they followed path of The Christ, whose example was inclusionary, never judgmental or separatist. I emphasize here, as they would have me do, that “the Christ” also refers to the Spirit within you, given to you the moment our Creator first birthed you into existence. Although the man, Jesus/Yeshua, and many others (though He was The Christ), exemplified that Spirit, the Christ Spirit is intrinsic to You. This is an important point to take within as we move forward.

Again, I thank you for this opportunity to be with you in this way. I am not a writer or author, so it will be just me offering from my heart. And I would enjoy hearing from you. -Susan

Al’s Story

Al would never want this to be about him, but in order to lend credibility and understanding as to the power and importance of these times, I know of no other way than to use Al’s story: a fallible man but one utterly devoted to God and to

Certainly others’ raison d’être is equally important to these times. It is simply his story (and mine) that I know and can talk about with reasonable certainty. That you have been drawn to this work in these times indicates this is equally your story … yours to re-member and add to his/ours, and yours to share.


The Forerunner

A number of years ago, Lama Sing began hinting that Al was John the Baptist. Knowing that lineage, Al would have none of it … How could he be, after all? But during the Essene readings Al began having recall, recall that was not in the readings. For instance, he remembered his friendships in the wilderness, not of humans but of animals, particularly lions. When Lama Sing described a scene where young John and young Jesus dispatched themselves along with a maiden when they heard the cry of a lion, Al recalled in vivid detail reaching into the lioness to retrieve the cubs, as Jesus looked on with approval (an evidential start to John’s growing faith and strength) and the lioness’s mate watched from close by. Thereafter, John often walked with the lions.

Al recalled lying under the starry night as John, with a lion on either side. He could feel the incredible heat from their bodies keeping the desert night chill at bay, and the feel of one of the lion’s ears as John rubbed it. And the lions purred.

When Al went to John’s Hopkins for brain surgery, the night before, he suddenly got misty-eyed. When I snuggled in to him, he said softly, “The lions are here.”

Of what matter is this to you or as a start to this series, albeit perhaps interesting? This will become clear as the series unfolds.


How This Will Proceed

I will take you back and forth in time and through the readings as I “lay out my case” as to the nearly unbelievable potential before us. If you read or watched Al’s final reading, you may recall the question of one with vast and accurate knowledge of the alignments of energy and their times and potential meaning. The potential in the confluence of energies coming in 2026 was inquired about. While Lama Sing concurred with that powerful time, the response pointed from that time to the power that is right before you, right now!

LAMA SING: … mind you this, dear brother: The opening is happening now! And if choices are made accordingly, the opening will continue to that date and even beyond. Is the astrological conjunction significant? Yes. But you, as well, also know there are many similar such significant conjunctions. But the simple answer is yes, there will be a significant opening. The ones who are remaining may use it, if they haven’t already chosen Freedom beforehand.

Significant opening … Now … Remaining … Choice … Freedom …

This is among that which we will be exploring. But here’s a little teaser: “Freedom” … Imagine a world in which you have no needs, no obligations, no impositions; a world in which, because of the lack of these “necessities” of life, no one is competing; there is only the joy and love of creating with one another; a world where the choice is such that, when you are complete with an experience you have chosen for whatever reason, you are immediately freed from that choice to choose another. And so much more! … Imagine being freed from the mandate of “death!”


Come with me into the works given by Al and the Lama Sing Group, left to you specifically for these times.

A Nugget:

For an intriguing description of Lama Sing

and of the the Lama Sing Council

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An AL-ecdote:

You who were privileged to know Al personally know he could be quite funny …

The night after his passing and a very trying day because of other issues, I sat out on our porch and reached over to the arm of his chair. As though his hand was there, I began stroking it. Finally, speaking out loud, not really expecting anything, just reaching out, I said, “Well, honey, where do we go from here?” After a brief pause, as clearly as though he was sitting there in the flesh, I heard, “Why don’t you just go get yourself a fudgsicle.” Just like him to lighten things up if they ever got too serious.

If you have an AL-ecdote you would like to share, please send it and let me know if I can post it. Could also be a personal experience with his work or a reading.


Many have asked, “If there is something, anything, I can do, just tell me.”

Yes, there is something. And it may be as important to you because of who you end up serving as it is to them:

1 – Please help me spread the word about these Newsletters. I will begin placing them on the website, in date order, for latecomers who will learn about the treasures in these exciting times … and they are so very exciting!

2 – Please go to Amazon and write a review for any of the Lama Sing books you have read. (Unless you’re a best selling author, you know this is not about the money!) People can explore the website and find much information there for free. Those wanting more might gain from the books.

Lama Sing spoke privately a few times of working with guides trying to reach their wards about this work. Your thoughts and encouragement might be all they need.

On their behalf, thank you so very much. Susan