Posted Oct 30, ’14 – Letting Go in Order to Receive the Greater


Lama Sing: Where are the bonds of love? Do they lie within you, or without? Do you adjudge your decisions based upon the sheer beauty of your uniqueness and God’s Love that seeks to manifest through you? Or the love of some experience, something familiar, something that has given you some form of ingratiation, some form of pleasure or joy or the sense of security or confidence?

What if you were, before you made a decision/a choice, to surrender all to the Presence of God within you? That you were to say to all of the sheaths of experience that could possibly surround you and comprise the uniqueness of who you are in finiteness, “Part, that I might pass through you.” That you would choose to see these as experiences, as events, happenstance of past… What nourishment can they give to you? What joy can they give in the recall of them? Yes, we understand there are good memories to be recalled that inspire a sense of joy, and we are not pointing to this as being in error. But if you hold them with the open hand and thank that experience, releasing it, you make the way open and passable for new and even greater experiences to be given to you.

Choose not on the basis of that without, but always on that within: the Presence of God that is You.  (Sep 2, ’14)