Posted May 26, ’14 – The Peacemaker and the Gardener


Lama Sing: Isn’t it that which one gathers upon a walkway that is borne as the gifts to be given to others who lie ahead upon that pathway, to nourish self and others with understanding and the seeds from the fruits of truth and honor?

That which the journeyer sows the seeds into is, in truth, self. If the seeds are sown into doubt, or hatred, guilt, or remorse, debts that cannot be forgiven, how can these beautiful seeds take root and flourish?

And so there comes a peacemaker. There comes that which has the power to forgive. That which bears the blessings of Father — of the Creator, Himself — with the power to transform these barren fields into those which may give life to any seed sown within them, to burst forth with the fruits awaiting harvest for any who would pass by.

The power is within the traveler themselves. The power is called choice. Choice is the peacemaker.

Choice can transform one into a Gardener of Righteousness. And when choice is empowered by the intent for that choice to be borne forward from the pathway it becomes, thereafter, not only that which nourishes, but that which can light the way that others may see and know the nature of truth and honor. And that these must be embraced with love and compassion to become complete. And that which rises from the good soil of such a sowing is righteousness, a peacemaker.

Do this for yourself, and do it now.  -Lama Sing 20140504