Posted May 18, ’14 – The Call and the Feminine Spirit


Lama Sing: We feel the beauty of the love of our Mother Mary reaching out to touch the children who are present in all realms of expression, those souls who have none to embrace them in this moment, or to tend a wound, or to brush a troubled brow. The love of the Feminine Spirit reaches out to touch them… the child that dwells within every one.

Feel the Love of the Feminine Spirit… blessing you, caressing you, holding you close, awakening that within you which knows this and remembers it, that it will remain with you. It matters not whether thee art in the male or female body, this is the same for you.

Feel the stimulation to your body’s sensory perception, to the neurons, to the cellular structures, to the movement of the fluidics in your body, to the glands, to the chakridic centers, and to your heart and spirit. Feel this. Remember it.

This moves with the Call*, for the Feminine Spirit is that which can bring the healing balm, and wherever there is one holding aggression within they will remember that moment when they were first held and loved, without limit or requirement.

We join with this Feminine Spirit to call forth the memory of the purity of Life itself… its sacredness and its hope.