Posted Mar 30, ’14 – He Set You Free


Lama Sing: Our brother began this journey finding himself walking along a seashore, his feet in the sand, feeling it embracing his foot as he placed each step upon it. It was warm and soft. He could see his garments.

And, then, he had the sense of another with him, and he felt a hand take his. And, together, they continued their walk, delighting in the camaraderie, in the love and peace being shared as they clasped hands and walked together.

No words were spoken, only the knowing and the exchange of a timeless nature of love and respect.

Now it could be that we might identify the one walking beside him as any one of a number of beautiful souls and some here caution us to say not more about this, and so we shall honor that. But he will know it.

There came a time when they paused and embraced, and our brother turned to continue his walk along the seashore, after a time, turning to look back to see, where there were only one set of footprints in the sand where there had been two just before.

What is to be taken from this by our brother? Can that last embrace and the energies and love and respect shared between them suffice for him to continue his journey along this seashore? What if we were speaking of you? Would you want to turn and go back and follow them? For, that one walking with thee is the Christ. And, in the moment that you entered the experience called life (in the Earth), He set you free to your choice. But, in His embrace of you, He never left and is yet beside you.

Some might find this more embracing were the one walking beside them:

* a certain known teacher, mystic, prophet, shaman, guru, or another such honored personage.
We would refer to these as the many faces of the Christ Spirit (as we have given in past).

The truth is, then, in the eye of the beholder, in that which is felt in the clasped hands, in that which is known in the final embrace before entering the current lifetime. And, perhaps, it is as written here and there, that a journey in the Earth is a great circle that brings one to a terminal point that is, just so, in the same position as the point of entry. And, perhaps, the intent of the traveller to return to place their hand in their loved one’s once again and continue to walk upon the seashore of eternity, celebrating all that has been experienced and singing great songs of hopefulness and joy for that which lies ahead. It is only for the individual traveller to make this choice, this decision… or nay.