Posted Mar 08, ’14 – Experiencing Consciousness


Lama Sing:  Allow yourself to feel the vastness of Consciousness.

As you feel it, know that It is feeling you. And, as you find a delight – a smile, so to say – being experienced as this occurs, give that smile unto Consciousness. And feel it return to you, even greater.

It is this process of giving and receiving that will help you to awaken and Know that which lies beyond. It is the giving up and the receiving as a continual spiral of Consciousness that allows one, who accepts such, to become one with this movement; to claim, not only Freedom, but the Knowing that is ever expanding and growing always… bringing life to that which has not known it, giving love to that which has never experienced it, and sowing the seeds of peace in the realization that this makes the way open and passable for the greatest of all: the awakening of those who are within and beyond this consciousness.

Never is there the seeking to usurp or dominate, for the nature of one who has attained such Consciousness has no need of such things. But, in the experiencing of that which is native within — a sense of peaceful joy and wonder, the singular knowing of your Self to be a facet of Father’s Love intended for all — in this Knowing can be found the giving of which we speak and the receiving, which follows.