Posted Mar 28, ’15 – The cycle of “The Promise”


Lama Sing: Some might say there is a pulse to the rhythm and movement of Consciousness. Indeed, there are, in the fabric of existence and the potentials that are offered to existence, many beautiful cycles that could be considered as unique or individual pulses (using the word pulse to indicate Life in its most pure and grand sense).

These are as a manyfold array of cycles that have come about through the combined intentions of the Universal Forces to bring the gifts of God and His glory unto all that is. Some of these have been beautifully gifted with intentions of groups of brothers and sisters who have gone before, and others are the intent of those who are leading the way, and so on and beyond this. And, as these unique cycles come together, they rise and fall upon others cycles that are the very breath of God.

You are at that point in your current journey of Consciousness unfolding in the realm called Earth where there is a grand confluence of these cycles. 

What does this mean to you? In one aspect, it means all that is hidden will be revealed, all that is energized or held with emotional power and intent will come to be seen. And those forces that are meant to be in harmony ‒ where they have been fashioned, shaped, directed and, indeed (humbly given), distorted by the intent of many ‒ these will come into a dance of conflict. Not intended to be destructive or to deny anyone anything, but to find, ultimately, a state of balance, of harmony, and to fall into the rhythm of their natural intent.

And so you see about your realm in the present (as has been the case throughout your history, of course) such cycles manifesting in differing ways. But, in the current, there is a uniqueness, for, one of these cycles is the cycle of the Promise of the Christ. And, so, as this Promise comes into its fruition, so as those who are His have opened the way and made it passable, may the true gifts of His blessings be known by the Children of God.

We give this not as a prophecy of end times, for, this is not our work. We give this to inspire you into hopefulness, that you would see this time (in your current measure of same in the Earth) as a wondrous opportunity. First, to know yourselves and to be that which thou knoweth within. And, secondly, to see your brothers and sister and know them to be  precious to you.