Posted Mar 23, ’14 – Conditions


Lama Sing: It is beautiful to be an empty cup, because the empty cup is willing to receive. It is equally to be a full cup, because a full cup is ready to give.

Look upon this in reflection, for, the cup is the same:
-You would open yourself to receive in the completeness of a cup that is purified, cleansed, and ready to receive that which is offered.
-And, when the cup has received to the full measure it, in turn, gives that which it has to give.

The truth in this is, are you willing to receive, or are there conditions upon your willingness to receive? Are you willing to give from the fullness of your cup, or are there conditions upon where and how you will give of it?

None of this should be looked upon in an attitude of judgment… this is correct and this is not. It is only to be looked upon with an attitude of discovery.