Posted Mar 22, ’15 – Transitions: #4 in Series


From Potential to Expression

Lama Sing:
Even if your mind is the builder of that which is the result in your finite expression, You are the master of its direction. The pattern, the blueprint,  the schematic, whatever you might call it, You have the right to create.

To do this, go within to find the light of your own spirit and choose that which you would know to be the true glory that would be the manifestation of a journey of a Child of God. Not as the illusions of habit and tradition would seek to met it out, but as that which shines forth as the very word: Life, itself.

When you look at your thoughts, your words, your actions, let them ever be the reflection of that pattern within you that thou knoweth to be perfect. And the greater you allow this to manifest, so shall it thereafter be that which you experience, for, there is no greater essence than that which is within you: the eternal potential of your Creator.  -Given March 18, 2015