Posted Mar 21, ’15 – Transitions: #3 in Series


From Burden to Freedom 

Lama Sing: Supposing that somewhere in one’s journey long ago this or that seed has been sown, and it might be called some sort of title of limitation. And, a bit further on in the journey, another seed sown that has the quality of doubt or hesitancy, and so on, until one reaches a point in the journey, these previously sown seeds come into fruition and, thereafter, their kind seeds to propagate themselves. The result of such is thought of as dis-ease: a lack of balance or perfection manifested in the sum of your being.

Should one, then, upon seeing this come to the forefront, judge themselves? Shall there be the resulting critique of all of the circumstances, actions, lack of actions, doubts, fears, any sort, transgressions… Shall there be the accounting of these and the final judgment that this has been a journey of error, or that there has been failure?

We say to you in the spirit of the Christ, to what end would such be done?

He would reach our His hand to thee and say to you, “Believe. Believe unto that which is within you of eternal nature, and take my hand. Let me lift you up, and I will take these things from you and set them free. We might, together, dear brother/or sister, bring them into the fruition of their true potential: the flowers of blessings for others who might pass this way in the times ahead. Carry them no more. Let me help you. You have but to choose.”  -Given March 18, 2015