Posted Mar 20, ’15 – Transitions: #2 in Series


From Fear to Hope

Lama Sing:
It is said that fear is the conquerer of hope.
Fear is an illusion. It is the deny-er of eternity.

Fear wishes you to believe that you are only a moment in time. It wishes you to believe that you are vulnerable to not-being. Fear is that which springs forth from within you because of the trigger called the unknown. To conquer fear, build the light of faith within, and build your belief in each step of the way knowing Father journeys with thee not separate from thee.

And, when fear comes seeking to overtake you, turn and face it. So doing, extend to it your love.

In truth, fear is a quest for love. Without love, things such as fear and doubt, hatred, anger spring forth as that which is unwanted in the garden of life. But, by recognizing the source of these things… A word of kindness, a moment’s pause to smile, a hesitance to claim separateness and, rather, to affirm oneness, and you will find fear transformed.

Fear can be as a foundational stone upon which you can rise up to an even greater knowing of who and what you are.  -Given March 18, 2014