Posted Mar 19, ’15 – I Am That I Am


Lama Sing: 
Say unto yourselves in a time of quiet, in the sacred space that is within you, these things:


Repeat this three times to symbolize and to manifest the completeness of the Trinity within you; and, in another perspective, body, mind, and spirit.

Follow this with the affirmation:

I Am that I Am.

Allow the energy that will surely follow your saying such to manifest all throughout your being. You will feel an opening. You will feel an expansion.

And, as you allow yourself to move with that which is expanding within and about you, follow that with this:

I Am God’s beloved Child.

Hold the thought of this, the resonance of it and, as you do, release those things that might come, that they will be purified in the knowing of this. And you will feel coming forth from within you a glorious peacefulness. Let this bring, also, with it the certainty that you are God’s eternal Child. You are of that which is eternal; therefore, you must be, also, eternal.

This will be as a light within you and, as you take this light unto any challenge that may come forth in your journey in a lifetime in the Earth, let it shine upon that challenge and transform it into an opportunity which you can see and know to be a blessing for you. In the transformation of challenge, something is borne into the Earth. It is of the nature of the purity of God’s intent. And it is borne that it might endure, for, it is righteous as one  who walks upon the Earth claims and allows the glory of God from within to manifest, that this cannot be transgressed. It will, indeed, thereafter endure.  -Given March 18, 2015