Posted Mar 18, ’15 – Transitions: #1 in Series


From Uncertainty to Guidance

Lama Sing: One might ask, In what nature shall I know when my journey is complete? Will there be a light that cometh, beckoning me to journey elsewhere? Shall I see or hear something to indicate a call? Will there be a shadow upon the dawning of a new day? 

What shall be the indicator that a certain journey is complete?

It is well for each of us, dear brothers and sisters, to consider this, for, so doing we awaken within us the guidance that will give, with clarity, the answer to this questions. And, should you not find it in the immediacy of your quest, continue and seek, for, this might be thought of as a very valuable intent for any new day’s work.

For, in the knowing of the guidance within, one has a beam of light shining before them, that there will never be a path that is before you where the way is not visible and open to be seen. That light cometh from within you. And, as you seek it therein, it will answer. Be of surety in this regard and claim and know that, as you are certain of it, you have opened the path for it to manifest in your life in the present. -Given March 18, 2015