Posted Jun 02, ’14 – What Is It That Is “Nigh”?


Lama Sing: We note with great admiration and love for you, both of you (and the others), your question: What is it that is nigh*?

That which is nigh is thine own spirit. It is not close at hand because of any reason that should be a concern but, rather, the reason should be seen as a joyfulness, that the time is nigh that you may indeed choose to become one with your own spirit while yet living in the temple of flesh. The claiming of this has been recounted again and again and once more, that ye would pause and know, often, who you are. That you have worn many different names, many different titles, done many different works and each of these, when placed in their proper position, build a firm foundation upon which you can rise to know yourself to be, truly, a child of God. In the knowing of this, then all things must come under its command; then all things must be in order. Thus the knowing of this touches them and makes it so.

When the tears of our Brother Jesus fell upon the Earth at the disbelief among Martha and Mary and the others, the many others, the Earth received these as a sacred blessing. And the tears of the Christ are in the Earth, even as we speak, and naught is separate from them. And they are as a call, and that call is now sounded.

Those who are His [those who choose], as He spoke, shall hear it within and without. And these are those who will know that the time is nigh. And in the knowing of this, their spirits shall reach out in a joyful oneness, whether they know of each other or nay. The oneness is in their spirit. And as that great spirit rises up, this is that path on which the Light might enter.

Shall it be as a burst upon the Earth, that  all would know it, or a gentle awakening within a child who was labored with pain or disease? Would it matter so much? Indeed. For those who believe shall ever believe, and those who believe not have their right of choice, and their day will come when they will face the Truth and then, again, they will choose. And, if need be, once again they shall journey on and come to another day where they can face the truth and choose. Eternity has no limit and, thus, the Grace of God is borne on His Love, that they are never lost. Only that they must choose, for it is His gift to them.  -Lama Sing June 1, ’14

(Photo by NASA)