Posted Feb 07, ’15 – The Observer



Al as the Channel from within this Journey to Lama Sing: “What is the nature of a journey in such as a lifetime in the Earth? I have moved from beyond the Earth in meditation to look upon it, andI see the entry point called birth and the departure point called death, and all of the array of choices that lie between. There are so many influences, patterns, expectations, and so forth, that are present in the Earth. And, as you enter (as you well know), these are given to you as expectation.

“It is rather like a traveller moving along a trail and being given things to carry, more and more things to carry, until a point is reached where the traveller, the “new” soul (putting that in parentheses, of course) begins to become so covered over with things they are carrying, given to them by others, that the beauty of their uniqueness is very difficult to perceive.

“Sometimes,” the Channel continues, “I see a brother or sister and I know them, but it is difficult to know them in the fullness of their uniqueness because they are so covered over. Other times, I feel the presence of something so beautiful within a brother or sister, and I want to reach within them and for that beauty to be seen by all.

“I realize the subtlety of domination that is continually offered, if not imposed, upon the traveller in a journey of life in Earth. What can be given about this, that I and others can know Truth?”

Lama Sing: “All along your pathway there are the fruits of your experiences, just as there are the fruits of many, many other travelers such as yourself. It is these fruits that, when they are harvested and taken within by the traveller who passes by them, that can bring the goodness of Consciousness and the truth of your Heritage to the forefront.

All that is, is of God. So that, in the expression of a journey in Earth (the lifetime, if you will), the fallacy is that there is an inequality. There is the perfect equality of all that is, in finiteness as well as in capital-C-Consciousness (as you refer to it). It is the baggage that is gathered in the traveller’s journey that occludes the vision from seeing and knowing this. So, it is well to set aside all that is known in the finite sense to give oneself time to listen, to look, to feel, to know Truth from within and the Truth from the harvest of the fruits that have been gathered along the way, in addition to that which has been given that occludes or burdens the traveller.

“For, being mindful that there is ever the balance, there is ever an equal force to any force that is met, the choice to bring this to the forefront, as you did by saying no, is always your right. It is the right of every Child of God to stand and say No! to a force that seeks to dominate. The outcome of so doing is irrelevant in the measure of the Earth, but it is magnificent in the measure of your eternal being, your spirit.”  (Feb 2, ’15)