Posted Feb 02, ’15 – The Observer



Lama Sing: The relationship between the observer and the other expressions of self is one which is clearly connoted by the title Observer. The observer is not a participant. It is the peaceful, gentle, loving observer who has no… no script, no intention other than to be a gentle observer.

If you seek from the observer’s position, you are seeking from a level which is closer to your spiritual being than your finite being. From the observer all things are possible, and the moreso you move into the state of the observer, the more free are you.

So, consider for a moment that the observer can move into pure Consciousness, utterly pure… There are no boundaries of definition. All colors are present, everything is present, but not expressed.

Think about that a moment: that everything is present but unexpressed. There is a sense of utter bliss and joy, for the grandeur of all of this is a smile of God.  (Jan 29, ’15)