Posted Feb 13, ’15 – In the Light


Lama Sing: The journey to death is predictable, is it not. The mechanisms involved have long been in place and, to a large degree, have been accepted by the majority who dwell within the consciousness of the journeys in Earth.

And, yet, many have come forward to point to the illusionary impact of such a thought-form, and how the predication of such a thought-form manifests in a myriad of different ways, each of which bears an essence of the greater illusion of transient-ness.

You are not what you appear to be in a physical form, and this is what our brother experienced in the automobile. Looking upon the glowing body, his own body as he is in Earth, from his spirit, he found the humor and joy of its expression. And in the period of time that followed, there were no expressions of any dis-ease, no limitation, only the purity of spirit in the dance of life as it is in Earth.

As he has tasted of this, so is it now known. For, if any one of you know Truth while yet within the definition of consciousness in the Earth, then, all of you know this.