Posted Dec 30, ’14 – For the Field of Unlimitedness


Lama Sing: 
Must the journey bear fruit in order to have value? Or is the potential value to be gained by being utterly free, surrendering all. Understand here that surrendering means that you simply open yourself into oneness with God. And, to do so, you cannot bear limitations into the field of unlimitedness. See?

So, the surrender is to release, to bless and release all those things that would, in any way, be a limitation. And these can be profoundly subtle, see. If you seek to know Truth and to have (capital K) Knowing, then, you cannot have that which is in a limited form of same.

How else can we express this to you? Perhaps like this… Father has a great container of healing water to give to you. If you come to that container with a thimble between your thumb and forefinger, you cannot take much of the water. But if you come with nothing but self, you and the water become one.  (Dec 20, 14)