Posted Apr 22, ’14 – A Child Received


Lama Sing: Our Brother – the Master, the Christ, Jesus – has just gathered up a child who has left their physical body behind. And, in delightful wonder, the child embraces the Master, burying its head into His neck, and He cradling it, leaning His head upon the child.

Those who walked with the child are ready to receive the child from the Master.

But, first, the Master has awakened the child, that it knows the Truth of its own nature, brushing away, gently, any sorrows, any pains, any thing that lingered of a nature that is limited. And, as we watch, the child becomes brighter and brighter and begins to giggle and laugh aloud, and the Master laughs back at him. And they look deep into each other’s eyes and they lean to touch foreheads, that the knowing of each other is now complete. And, with a last glance and smile upon the Master, the child turns and accepts the embrace of the guide to the left, and they soar off, bathed in the multi-colored lights of Father’s Love, journeying to where the child will call Home.

So as you choose does He await you in just that same loving manner. But it need not be because of the death of the body, but only because of your love and your choice.