Posted Apr 10, ’15 – Life Cannot Bind You


Lama Sing: Is it not almost mystical how a child can be born in this place and comes to be a fierce warrior, and another child can be born over here in another place and becomes a great healer? Is the differentiation between their chosen paths predicated by where they are and what they are conditioned by? It would seem so when one looks about the Earth in the present time, just so as it did when our Brother, Jesus, walked with you in the Earth.

It is not to create any thoughts of limitation, but to point to the truth that the balancing forces have been with you all the way, and they are present now. The question, then, at hand is, do we wish to have these within us in a state of harmony, or in a state which is less than that?

The feeling of guilt or remorse or sorrow puts these beautiful energies in the state of dis-ease, imbalance. That can manifest upon the physical body or within it in various ways, or it can manifest outwardly in the nature of who and what you are and what you do. But there never is a moment ‒ see, not one ‒ where you are not the master of these. Even the journey in Earth itself, which you call life, cannot do this, cannot bind you, cannot shape you into something that you are not willing to be.

That which is called life is only a step on the pathway of the true life, which is eternal. If you see it as such, you’ve taken away a great weapon from those who would challenge your light. The name of the weapon is fear. When you hold the faith, that fear has no meaning. The application of it as a weapon is fruitless. While one who seeks to dominate might have the opportunity to harm your body, they cannot harm your life nor can they harm you. Ever take this to heart and be of a joy that goes beyond that which is expected, that reaches out to offer a silent prayer, or a kind word, or a loving hand to those whom you might meet.  -Given March 28, 2015