Posted Jun 10, ’17 – Here Is That Hour

[See the beginning of this post listed by date on The Return]

And as you are brought to this Heritage, you will be Awakened. This Awakening will call to you in many different ways. You will begin to see and hear in the manner as do many of the Elders who walk beside the Master and the others, and such as this.

This will be followed by a time that will pass wherein many souls will review their own heritage, their own status (you might call it), and question whether or not they would seek this Freedom, or whether they would prefer to continue to (in a manner of speaking) sort things out for themselves. In the sorting of things out for themselves, it is not meant that you would be abandoned; it is meant that you will have the Right of choice — as always, the right of choice — and in this Right, you will move forward as those who He has called and who bear His Mark. And so doing, you will find the great glory and good cheer of being called forth from the embrace of the Earth to God’s very Embrace. Do you see?

In the calling to God’s Embrace, there is no limit to the potential that awaits you. It is rather that God’s intent for you is to become known, that you will find your Spirit; building a greater strength and Heritage than ever before. And within this strength and Heritage, you will find so much that is awaiting you … not so much in the sense of the material but in the sense of the Consciousness of your being …  your Being.

Lama Sing