Helpful Information

*  All the readings from the “Readings Shoppe” are included in the Membership.
*  The readings that are for members only are marked MEM.
Some member-only readings will include the audio. They are marked AUD.
*  If a reading is marked “partial reading” it is because this is all that has been recovered thus far for that reading.
*  All the personal readings that we have recovered so far are to be included in this Library. Any personal/confidential information and references will have been removed.


Edit Notes – Points about the readings that some may find curious are explained here.

Glossary of Terms – Throughout the years, those following the Lama Sing group were introduced to and often participated in the development of a variety of events and even realms of consciousness. These are explained so that, regardless of the date of a reading that one might choose to read, every effort has been made to clarify areas about which one might have question or have no prior knowledge of. (If you, as the reader, find such an area and it is not explained in the Glossary, please contact us and we will add it.)

Understanding the Readings Codes – Every title begins with the date given followed by the category code. (Note: Any reading date followed by a “P” is a personal reading; if you see an interesting title that is preceded by a “PF”, an individual requested that information for themselves, so it will be rather specific to that individual’s specific interest on that topic.)

Searching the Readings – Click here for tips on various types of searches.

PLEASE NOTE: The sole purpose for placing the text of all the readings on the website is so that the readings can be searched in total for any topic. To get the most out of a reading, it should be downloaded. Formatting to include italics, indents, footnotes, etc. (which does not show up in the online version) all help to make the reading clear.