Posted Feb 09, ’14 – The Sea of Consciousness


Al:  We live in a sea of consciousness that is beyond the range of normal perception. One of the first ways I was introduced to this sea of consciousness was in the Peter project. Peter’s guides took him back to the Earth to a bar and there, sitting at the bar, was a man who was looking down at a glass of whiskey. And there were discarnate entities standing around him, communicating to him at some level of consciousness beyond the norm, “Take the drink, take the drink.” And, finally, when the man did take the drink, he became very inebriated and the discounted entities took turns moving in to occupy the space of his physical body and, somehow, they gained some gratification through his intoxication, his inebriation. Now, obviously, there was no communication in the normal sense between the discarnates and the drunk. This was at a different level of consciousness.

In another instance, I was out during the reading and Lama Sing and others brought me back to the Earth to a scene on a city sidewalk. And I saw a young boy holding a container of pencils and I could feel how alone he was, hungry and cold and just barely surviving on the streets. And along came a very elderly man and I was shown that he was at the end of his life. He no longer wanted to live. He was just trudging along with a cane, shuffling his way along the street. The little boy came up to him and asked him “Sir, would you please buy one of my pencils?” The man just glanced at him and said, “Go away.” The emotion that I felt from each of them was at a level of consciousness that I couldn’t explain in normal terms. But, here again, it touches me deeply just to retell it.

One of the old man’s guides went up to him and communicated at some level of consciousness within the elderly man and the man stopped and turned to look at the little boy and suddenly realized that, there but by the grace of God… He shuffled back to the boy and said, “How many pencils do you have?” The boy told him and the man said, “I’ll take them all.” The boy was stunned but I could feel his spirit responding to the elderly man. And then the elderly man’s voice softened and I heard him say, “Could I buy you lunch?” And from that moment on I knew, courtesy of Lama Sing and the group, that the two would share the remainder of the old man’s life together, giving love and compassion to one another when neither one of them had any hope for that. All of which took place at a level of consciousness that is in the sea of consciousness surrounding the Earth.

The levels of consciousness are really like layers of our atmosphere… denser the closer one is to the Earth, and becoming more and more rarified as one progresses, even far beyond that level some refer to as “Heaven.”

This is a vast topic of considerable importance, because we are all being impacted by this sea of consciousness. And, whatever thoughts we hold and whatever emotions we might have within are always being nourished by that sea of consciousness.

I’ll be talking about this more in my next column. And, as always, if you have any questions or comments, send them in.