First, a message about the art of praying …

  Lama Sing: Don’t just think about those who have asked for your prayer, don’t just read … [Read more...]

A Prayer for Morning

  Lama Sing: As I greet the world in this day, O Father,  I make note that thou art with … [Read more...]

A Prayer for Evening

  Lama Sing: O Lord, as I look upon the activities and events of this day, I see You … [Read more...]

A Prayer of Peace for Self

  Lama Sing: Breathe in ever the Peace of God. Breathe it in until you live it, until it … [Read more...]

A Prayer of Healing for Self

  Lama Sing: Here am I, O Father, seeking from Thee the knowledge, the wisdom, and the … [Read more...]

A Prayer for Balancing Body, Emotion, Mind, and Spirit

Lama Sing: I pray of Thee, Father, asking that Thy will and purpose be done herein. Father, I … [Read more...]

A Prayer – I Am

Lama Sing: I am a unique and beautiful child of God. And as I claim this here from the Earth, it … [Read more...]

A Prayer – What Gifts We Bear

  Lama Sing: Beloved Father, what gift might we bear to Thee? What is there that we … [Read more...]