Why the term “Father”?

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Why such emphasis on Christ and Jesus?

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What of Those with Different Beliefs?

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Posted Mar 16, ’17 – Explain the “Second Coming”

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Posted Mar 15, ’17 – Will Judas have a role?

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Posted Mar 15, ’17 – Are there forces in opposition?

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Posted Dec 08, ’16 – Where did Mary go afterwards?

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Posted Nov 28, ’16 – Will we be aware of Mary?

Question: Jesus is calling those who are His*. Since Mary is His twin soul, what part will She play … [Read more...]

Posted Sep 19, ’16 – What about competition?

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Posted Aug 29, ’16 – How can I look at evil and not feel evil?

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Posted Aug 08, ’16 – How do I deal with anger from a loved one?

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Posted Jun 13, ’16 – How do we ensure we’re at One before we pray?

  Question: How we can better ensure we are at one with God before we pray, and not open … [Read more...]

Posted May 22, ’16 – Why do some linger in pain?

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Posted May 14, ’16 – How do we attain the center of our being?

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Posted Apr 30, ’16 – The Three Most Important Things

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Posted Apr 23, ’16 – How do we prepare for the day of the Lord?

Question: How may we prepare to hasten the day of the Lord, to bring about Christ consciousness on … [Read more...]

Posted Apr 17, ’16 – Are Spiritual refs. of Spirit/Soul same as Lama Sing’s?

Question: Spiritual writings refer to Holy Spirit, higher self, and the soul. Lama Sing readings … [Read more...]

Posted Apr 09, ’16 – For one who is weary of living…?

Question: For one who is weary of living, how can the Promise give them a reason to … [Read more...]

Posted Apr 02, ’16 – With such conflict now, can the Promise be fulfilled?

Question: With so much conflict and hatred in the Earth at this time, can the Promise and Prophecy … [Read more...]

Posted Mar 25, ’16 – Someone I love is making a bad choice.

Question: What do I do when someone I love is making a choice that is likely to cause hardship for … [Read more...]

Posted Mar 19, ’16 – Can we communicate with a loved one who has died?

Question:  Can we communicate with a loved one who has moved on?   Lama Sing:  Some souls … [Read more...]

Posted Mar 11, ’16 – Is it Father’s will when our time is up?

Question: I have been thinking that, while we have choice about how we live, in the end it's … [Read more...]

Posted Mar 04, ’16 – Blasphemy?

  Question: Lama Sing, in some of the readings I have purchased from this website, you have … [Read more...]

Posted Feb 27, ’16 – Will Mary return as a female Christ?

Question: According to what you have given, Mary is the twin soul of Jesus. Will Mary take on the … [Read more...]

Posted Feb 19, ’16 – What of Those with Different Beliefs?

  Question:  You have given that Christ will appear in various forms according to various … [Read more...]

Posted Feb 12, ’16 – Please tell us about the return of Mary

  Question:  In the reading 19860603 you stated: “Where the master dwells, Mary dwells. … [Read more...]

Posted Feb 05, ’16 – How do we move past guilt, unworthiness, fear?

Question: When I claim my authority as a Child of God and choose to live from this platform, I am … [Read more...]

Posted Feb 04, ’16 – What about intent v.s. letting go and letting God?

  Question: In seeking to make best use of the opportunity that is now before us, I am a bit … [Read more...]

Posted Jan 30, ’16 – Explain: We’ll be “given back” our right of choice.

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Posted Jan 22, ’16 – What about the “antichrist” and current conflict?

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Posted Jan 22, ’16 – How will He “return”?

  Question: You stated: This Promise, as it was given approximately 2,000 Earth years ago, … [Read more...]

Posted Jan 06, ’16 – No further incarnation required?

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