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Posted Jun 10, ’17 – Here Is That Hour

[See the beginning of this post listed by date on The Return] And as you are brought to this … [Read more...]

Posted Jun 08, ’17 – You Will Hear Great Horns

[See the beginning of this post listed by date on The Return] The moment the Christ speaks the … [Read more...]

Posted Jun 01, ’17 – Graduation

[See the beginning of this post listed by date on The Return] They have graduated because they now … [Read more...]

Posted Apr 08, ’17 – Opportunities Opening

  Lama Sing: There are experiences taking place in and about the Earth that are opening … [Read more...]

Posted Mar 21, ’17 – To Go or Wait

  Lama Sing: As Jesus gave the Word, which was His Promise, it was much in the same manner … [Read more...]

Posted Mar 18, ’17 – The Choice on the Horizon

Lama Sing: Look at it this way: You have gone into a multiplex (we believe they are called) movie … [Read more...]

Posted Mar 17, ’17 – Stubborn Illusions

Lama Sing: When one pauses in the journey of life, as it is known in the Earth, and in that pause, … [Read more...]

Posted Mar 16, ’17 – What is my path?

Lama Sing: As you measure yourself to be truly a Child of God, do so with the most loving leniency … [Read more...]

Posted Mar 15, ’17 – On Death and Dying

Lama Sing: These questions are important and here is one of the reasons why: You are carrying an … [Read more...]

Posted Mar 14, ’17 – Habit vs. Freedom

LAMA SING: When the many come to the forefront stating, “Yea, I believe Father! And I celebrate Thee … [Read more...]

Posted Mar 13, ’17 – Do You Believe?

Lama Sing: The Promise is here. And beside you is the potential that you have long sought after, if, … [Read more...]

Posted Mar 01, ’17 – “Graduating” to a New Realm

Lama Sing: As the Promise reaches its full manifestation and becomes visible to all who are willing … [Read more...]

Posted Feb 01, ’17 – A New World Consciousness

Lama Sing: The entrée of the Promise brings to you the pure expression as what is known as the … [Read more...]

Posted Nov 28, ’16 – Up to You to Receive the Healing

  LAMA SING: All of the faculties of the Freedom that comes with being a Child of God are … [Read more...]

Posted Nov 26, ’16 – The Promise Is Upon You

  LAMA SING: More changes are coming very quickly. Those of you who are seeking -- in … [Read more...]

Posted Nov 20, ’16 – If You Believe

  LAMA SING: In all of this that we have given previously there arises a Promise: the … [Read more...]

Posted Nov 18, ’16 – Color Yourself

  LAMA SING: The Color of Happiness is found in the heart. The Color of Joy is found … [Read more...]

Posted Oct 08, ’16 – Believe!

  LAMA SING: Believe in the presence of the Christ in each moment of every day in every … [Read more...]

Posted Sep 19, ’16 – River of Light

LAMA SING: The River of Light (or Life, both words are used interchangeably here because God IS) is … [Read more...]

Posted Aug 28, ’16 – Honing Self for “The Way”

  Lama Sing: *  It is uncomplicated, straightforward: If you Know Love, if you Know … [Read more...]

Posted Aug 18, ’16 – Little Messages to You for These Times

LAMA SING: There is no one who will be left behind[1]. There are those who will choose and will … [Read more...]

Posted Aug 10, ’16 – How Not to Be Impacted While Serving Another

  A New Understanding for the Meaning of 'Grounding' LAMA SING: Heightened energies are … [Read more...]

Posted Aug 07, ’16 – Your Authority as a Child of God

  LAMA SING: Many of you are attaining an awareness of Consciousness that you have long … [Read more...]

Posted Aug 02, ’16 – Non-Separateness and the Christ Spirit

LAMA SING: In the Earth realm, there is the sense of separateness between spirit, mind, and body, … [Read more...]

Posted May 22, ’16 – The Wisdom of the Christ

  Lama Sing: We have been called to the Bridge of Light[i] frequently (in your Earth … [Read more...]

Posted May 14, ’16 – Not the Thinning of the Veils

LAMA SING: There is reference to a term called the Veils of Separateness, and there is validity to … [Read more...]

Posted Apr 30, ’16 – Shadows, Change, and Light

[NOTE: While it has been our practice until recently to post excerpts of current readings, to help … [Read more...]

Posted Apr 23, ’16 – Across the Veils (with Summary)

  [We feel we made an error in posting this reading here in its entirety last week, the … [Read more...]

Posted Apr, 17, ’16 – Across the Veils

  Lama Sing: Whensoever you are beginning a prayer for another who has asked of thee, be … [Read more...]

Posted Apr 09, ’16 – Spirit, Mind, and Emotion

  Lama Sing: You are Spirit, which is eternal. You are mind, which is the good worker of … [Read more...]

Posted Apr 02, ’16 – They Set Themselves Free

  [Note: We feel this reading is important enough that we are offering it nearly in its … [Read more...]

Posted Apr 01, ’16 – The Reflection of God Within Self

  Lama Sing: It has been given that these are times of change, and within the change is the … [Read more...]

Posted Mar 26, ’16 – Spirit, Mind, and Emotion

  Lama Sing: You are Spirit, which is eternal. You are mind, which is the good worker of … [Read more...]

Posted Mar 19, ’16 – A Path of Communion with Others Beyond

  Lama Sing: Feel the peace. Feel the sweetness of Father. Know the warmth of His presence … [Read more...]

Posted Mar 16, ’16 – The Power of Intent

  Lama Sing: Much is coming into the throes of change upon the Earth and the energies … [Read more...]

Posted Mar 11, ’16 – Entering the Portal Called Death

  Lama Sing: Each soul in the journey of life in the Earth will reach the portal of … [Read more...]

Posted Mar 06, ’16 – Remember Something that Makes You Smile

  Lama Sing: After you have paused in the morning to prepare for the day ahead as we have … [Read more...]

Posted Mar 04, ’16 – To Know Your True Nature

  Lama Sing: When one seeks to Know the true nature of their own unique Being while … [Read more...]

Posted Mar 02, ’16 – A Story: The Old Man

  Lama Sing: It is mid morn on a normally busy street in a city, but this is a day of … [Read more...]

Posted Feb 27, ’16 – Your Beautiful Innocence

  Lama Sing: There is an Innocence within you that came with you upon your entry into your … [Read more...]

Posted Feb 27, ’16 – A Distinct Moment of Choice

  Lama Sing: You may have a day in the journey called life wherein you are besieged with … [Read more...]

Posted Feb 22, ’16 – A Few Moments of Laughter

  Lama Sing: We might ask you, dear brothers and sisters, when is the last time you have … [Read more...]

Posted Feb 20, ’16 – Choice at the Onset of the Day

  Lama Sing: When you awaken for a new day you make choices. Some of these choices are made … [Read more...]

Posted Feb 20, ’16 – A Footprint of Your Soul’s Progression

  Lama Sing: As you exercise the use of your choice, your right to choose, you begin to … [Read more...]

Posted Feb 19, ’16 – A Reason to Maximize the Power of Choice

  Lama Sing: As you exercise the use of your choice, your right to choose, you begin to … [Read more...]

Posted Feb 13, ’16 – The Gift of Choice

Lama Sing: As one has the knowing and understanding of the current times in the Earth as being … [Read more...]

Posted Feb 12, ’16 – A Short Story: Into the Promise

Lama Sing:  A gentle man is lying upon a bed in the last moments, minutes if you will, of a journey … [Read more...]

Posted Feb 10, ’16 – What Lies Beyond

Lama Sing: Some find themselves journeying through a lifetime in the Earth without any particular … [Read more...]

Posted Feb 09, ’16 – When You Have Been Wronged

Lama Sing: Those who walked with the Master when He was called Jesus often recounted how joyful it … [Read more...]

Posted Feb 04, ’16 – A Potential Awaiting Humankind

  Lama Sing: All of the energies of Consciousness, all of the energies of life itself, are at … [Read more...]

Posted Feb 05, ’16 – Violence and the Promise

  Lama Sing: It is difficult to explain to some who will hear of our words and our sharing … [Read more...]

Posted Feb 03, ’16 – A Part of the Gift

  Lama Sing: Within Consciousness there are many different gifts that are in motion. When … [Read more...]