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Posted Apr 29, ’17 – Meditation Series: #7

Summarizing the Steps Before You Begin: Know the level of meditation you are intending. … [Read more...]

Posted Apr 27, ’17 – Meditation Series: #6

The "O Wow!" Keep It Simple Al: There are so many techniques given from so many new sources and … [Read more...]

Posted Apr 19, ’17 – Meditation Series: #5

Being Aware Exercise #1 AL: You may or may not in your meditations have been able to achieve … [Read more...]

Posted Apr 16, ’17 – Meditation Series: #4

Loving Neutrality The Main State You Will Be Intending: Neutrality Al: You will find (or have) … [Read more...]

Posted Apr 11, ’17 – Meditation Series: #3

Perception vs. Perception Al: It's good to know the foundation for meditation. Even for one who … [Read more...]

Posted Apr 08, ’17 – Meditation Series: #2

From Lama Sing: We have asked our brother, the Channel, to share this, and we do so, again. For the … [Read more...]

Posted Mar 18, ’17 – Meditation Series: #1

From Lama Sing: We have asked our brother, the Channel, to share this, and we do so, again. For the … [Read more...]

Posted Dec 19, ’16 – Exciting Changes in Meditation

Unsolicited thoughts popping up in the midst of meditation has long been a common challenge for … [Read more...]

Posted Dec 08, ’16 – Fluidity

AL: There are so many unique experiences happening in the readings and in our lives now that … [Read more...]

Posted Nov 03, ’16 – A Man Called “Rupert”

  AL: It became apparent that my Spirit was the primary guiding force as this reading began. … [Read more...]

Posted Sep 19, ’16 – Selah 03: Huge Numbers Being Lifted Up

  Al: For all practical purposes this started off as a “normal reading”. I had reached what … [Read more...]

Posted Aug 29, ’16 – With God, In First Consciousness

  AL: I did a Journey a couple days ago, and once I was free from the finite bonds of Earth, … [Read more...]

Posted Aug 18, ’16 – Rebochiem and James

  AL: The points given in the Lama Sing Message of August 18 were actually given by two of … [Read more...]

Posted May 22, ’16 – More on the Wisdom of the Christ

  Al: This weeks Lama Sing column, May 22, ’16, The Wisdom of the Christ, has no shortage of … [Read more...]

Posted May 15, ’16 – Understanding the Veils

  Al: To build an understanding of the “Veils of Separateness” referred to by Lama Sing in … [Read more...]

Posted Apr 30, ’16 – Pebbles in My Shoe

Al: To have the opening prayer in the Message Posted Apr 30, ’16 – Shadows, Change, and Light be a … [Read more...]

Posted Apr 23, ’16 – Incoming Energies!

  Al: I’m really excited about what’s happening, let me explain why. As with any major … [Read more...]

Posted Apr 17, ’16 – Heightening Energies

  Al: Significant energy changes are occurring involving the Earth and realms adjacent to … [Read more...]

Posted Apr 09, ’16 – Life’s Lint

  Al: We are normally embraced by a beautiful field of energy that is rather like a shield. … [Read more...]

Posted Apr 03, ’16 – Preparing for Freedom

  Al: Descriptive titles such as “Realms,” Levels,” Dimensions” and more can trigger an … [Read more...]

Posted Mar 26, ’16 – The Ultimate Force

  Al:  The interaction between mind and emotion is evident when viewed from the … [Read more...]

Posted Mar 19, ’16 – Meditating for Oneness

  Al:  Here is simple meditation that works for illuminating your path between Spirit and … [Read more...]

Posted Mar 11, ’16 – Death, the Misunderstood Gift

  Al: In the book, When Comes The Call,  Lama Sing recounts the story of our journey into … [Read more...]

Posted Mar 04, ’16 – The Mottled Sky

  Al: As I was offering my prayers and preparing to meditate in our “chapel,” which is a … [Read more...]

Posted Feb 27, ’16 – Besieged

  Al: I thought about Lama Sing’s use of the word “besieged” in the column, A Distinct … [Read more...]

Posted Feb 19, ’16 – Empty Habits

  Al: What Lama Sing is suggesting in the message, Choice at the Onset of the Day, is very … [Read more...]

Posted Feb 12, ’16 – Near the Veil of Separateness

Al: In my experiences near the “veil of separateness” I have observed the crossing of many souls … [Read more...]

Posted Feb 05, ’16 – Violence and the Promise

Al: As Lama Sing said, it may be difficult to grasp such a Love as is present in Consciousness, … [Read more...]

Posted Jan 30, ’16 – Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods Before Me

Al:  You might wonder why this bible reference to the First Commandment was given to us just now as … [Read more...]

Posted Jan 22, ’16 – Experiencing Contrast

  Al: For about the first 13 years of being the channel for the Lama Sing works I would awaken … [Read more...]

Posted Jan 11, ’16 – The Promise

Al: When we first began to hear of these cycles in the readings it inspired me to try to recall … [Read more...]

Posted Jan 10, ’16 – A Freedom I Hadn’t Remembered

Al: Over the years, I have accumulated (as has everyone) experiences, memories, emotions, but I’ve … [Read more...]

Posted Jan 10, ’16 – The Sacred Silence: Pathway to Freedom

  AL: In my meditations I seek what I have come to call "The Sacred Silence." This is not a … [Read more...]

Posted Jan 09, ’16 – The Darkness and The Light

AL: As the readings often point to, before there was the Light there was only God. God embraced us … [Read more...]

Posted Apr 22, ’15 – Within the Silence

  AL: Once I have freed myself from thought and emotion I have an awareness of movement that … [Read more...]

Posted Mar 20, ’15 – Clearing the Path to Consciousness

  AL: To reach “C” Consciousness I set aside thought and emotion, essentially stopping … [Read more...]

Posted Feb 23, ’15 – Behind the Fog

    AL: The February 23rd posting from Lama Sing had special importance for me. … [Read more...]

Posted Feb 13, ’15 – In the Light

    AL: Everything seemed quite normal as we were driving to town that day, and … [Read more...]

Posted Feb 07, ’15 – The Observer

    Al as the Channel from within this Journey to Lama Sing: "What is the nature of … [Read more...]

Posted Jun 10, ’14 – Forgiveness #5

  AL: In my last column I offered some suggestions on how to proceed to release any hurtful … [Read more...]

Posted Jun 02, ’14 – Forgiveness #4

  AL: The examples of what happened to entities who crossed over who were still holding … [Read more...]

Posted May 26, ’14 – Forgiveness #3

  AL: I had a column written when I realized that this is Memorial Day weekend, a perfect … [Read more...]

Posted May 18, ’14 – Forgiveness #2

  AL: As I meditated on what to share with you in this week’s column I was dizzied by how … [Read more...]

Posted May 10, ’14 – Forgiveness #1

  AL: If we were one of those newborn babies who were lifted up by their ankles and slapped … [Read more...]

Posted May 04, ’14 – The Power That Is Yours

Susan: Hello. This week I am writing the column because I would like to preface a series  of Columns … [Read more...]

Posted Apr 26, ’14 – The Truth Within

  AL: There are a number of inner qualities that contribute to making us who we are. Many of … [Read more...]

Posted Apr 22, ’14 – You Are a Child of God

  AL: Several years ago I noticed that I was being buffeted (or that there was a lot of … [Read more...]

Posted Apr 13, ’14 – Power in the Silence

  Al: Our little Hendersonville study group used to meet every Thursday for a period of … [Read more...]

Posted Apr 06, ’14 – Finding Value In Change

  Al: For many years as I was preparing to go out to do a reading I would expect to see a … [Read more...]

Posted Mar 30, ’14 – Actualizing Consciousness

  Al: When I take my journeys into pure consciousness, I have this feeling of an eternal … [Read more...]

Posted Mar 08, ’14 – The Law of Free Will

  Al: Last week, I talked about the value of determining an intent for yourself, not only to … [Read more...]

Posted Feb 23, ’14 – Levels of Mass Mind

  Al:  This week I thought I’d share with you some far-out experiences I had during a couple … [Read more...]