Books from the Lama Sing Readings


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A Short Story:

WESAK – A Story of Faith    Book   eBook   iBook


A Compilation of Little Gems:

STEPSTONES – Compilation 1   Book    eBook
This is a summary of The Path Project, which was a follow-up to the second Prayer Project

STEPSTONES – Compilation 2   Book    eBook
This is a summary of excerpts on the topic of Utter Freedom


A Path to Awakening:

A 12-month course. Per Lama Sing, “the keys to the throne of God” that can set you Free


The Essene Legacy Series

Backstory: THE CHOSEN     Book   eBook
How the Essenes and their far-reaching networks made preparations to receive and aid the Messiah   [2nd edition 2016]

Book 1: THE PROMISE     Book   eBook
Sequestered from pursuers, they nurtured the children and found the maiden who would be Mother to the Child   [2nd edition 2016]

Book 2: THE AWAKENING     Book
The Annunciation, the Birth, the spiritual training of Jesus and others with Him, the School of Prophets, and more   [2nd edition 2016]

Book 3: THE PATH     Book
Training complete, it begins. The story follows it all until He no longer walks the Earth, preparing for today   [2nd edition 2016]


Jesus Series – His Life as Told by Lama Sing

Book 1: JESUS     Book    eBook
Birth, childhood, education, Essenes, temptations, a walk with Him, Beatitudes, healings, Transfiguration, and more   [2nd edition 2017]

Book 2: JESUS     Book    eBook
Lazarus, fig tree, another walk with Him, Jude, Last Supper, Gethsemane, Crucifixion, Resurrection, and more  [2nd edition 2017]


How to Prepare for the Journey Series:

Book 1: DEATH, DYING, and BEYOND     Book    eBook
Lama Sing offers answers for a myriad of questions on suicide, burial, rites, rights, and much more  [2nd edition 2107]

Book 2: THE SEA of FACES     Book     eBook
4 readings on the death and beyond experience for four individuals. One other experience is in Book 1  [2nd edition 2017]


The Peter Project

Book 1 Peter Chronicles: IN REALMS BEYOND    Book
The path Al uses for readings crossed with a man dying in New England. Al followed that experience

Study Guide: IN REALMS BEYOND     Book
The group involved with this material were invited to ask questions

Book 2 Peter Chronicles: AWAKENING HOPE     Book
Not all realms are like paradise. Peter and his colleagues inspire hope as they journey into such realms

Book 3 Peter Chronicles: RETURN TO EARTH     Book
Peter comes to understand more about choices, freedom, and our true nature, and is introduced to those on Earth following his journey


Thoughts for the Day from Lama Sing:

Book 1: SEED THOUGHTS    Book
This is a collection of some beloved excerpts from the readings throughout the years

Excerpts from Al’s journeys to Know Consciousness to bring that back to his finite experience   [2nd edition]


Our Journey into Finiteness:

WHEN COMES THE CALL     Book   eBook
The story of our existence from Birth to our incarnations and the intent to remember and set ourselves Free   [2nd edition 2016]

This is a summary of the book WHEN COMES THE CALL