Megan Miner

In Cherished Memory:

Our youngest child made her transition
in the early morning of October 26 at the age of 28.

Many in the group called her their “little sister”
because she has been transcribing the readings since she was 14,
sharing her insights on the readings along the way.

Here is what Meg had to say to the group about the Second Coming when she sent this transcript:

“Wow!! This reading was awesome and so easy to understand everything now. I’m excited to leave!! I never have a problem leaving movies or books unfinished. I think this has been a great movie, but I’d love the choice to go see other ones too. And now I’m not afraid anymore. I was getting worried that when it came time to make a decision, I might keep myself here, but now I know that I’ll be ready to exit, and always have been!”

And this after a transcript this past April:
“How blessed I truly am to have the exposure to something bigger, something beyond what you can see, something that relies on true faith. How blessed I am that my faith is never questioned, that though my dedication may waver…that though I allow myself to dance in the dazzling finiteness, my reliance on and faith in God never diminishes. How am I so lucky? I was fortunate to grow up with parents that lived this…lived in this world of unlimited beauty that parallels reality, yet it was never forced upon me, not even slightly sold to me in the hopes that I might adopt their beliefs. How blessed I truly am that my receptiveness has allowed me to comprehend a consciousness that others only dream of. How blessed I am to be able to lose myself in the unlimited, unending possibilities of realms of God’s creation. I hope that I will be able to gift this to others as it has been gifted to me, that my faith is strong enough to lend to others when they are engrossed in doubt. That my persistent battle with light and dark [of depression] can illustrate the sheer strength of my Father’s protection of me. That though I flirt with “good and bad”, with finite and infinite, with eternal and trivial, with humility and vanity, with love and competition…how blessed I truly am to be carried on the wings of angels to my Father’s side, back to my center with the Universe. How blessed I truly am.” -Meg Miner

Megan has been described by her friends as “bigger than life.” Though she loved life to the fullest — her family, her job, her friends, and, most of all, God — she suffered from depression beginning at an early age. She called those who wrestle with the darkness her “brothers and sisters.” Her prayer would be that you join with her in bringing light and hope to those struggling with despair, and that you remember them regularly in your own prayers.


“It is good for all to look within to strengthen your faith and your peace, your love of God and, in the knowing of that love, to set yourselves free. And so, you have seen her be an example of this in spite of the burdens, the challenges, the  “demons”, which brings a bit of humor to her now, for they are illusions (as she would communicate to you) and have only the power that one gives to them.”  -Lama Sing  20171103

The Beautiful Story of Adele
(Whom we know as Megan)
By Lama Sing and Al Miner

“If you can imagine the trillions of human beings inhabiting the Earth, imagine the multitudes and multitudes of souls in existence in realms beyond the Earth, far more than the human mind can possibly conceive of. Of these multitudes, quite a number seek to have an experience of finiteness, for which they petition, a greatly limited number of finite opportunities available compared to the numbers petitioning. Often, those who have journeyed on the Earth in previous incarnations wish to return for various reasons: to complete a work that they felt was incomplete upon their departure previously, to contribute to certain works that are a part of a group intent. Because many of these who wish to return are given priority, this makes the availability of incarnative possibilities even less. So, a lifetime on Earth is considered very, very precious. Thus, the requirement of petition.

“There are also those whose soul-intent is to be in service in the master’s name. One soul who was and is a part of the master’s work, whom we shall call Adele, who was journeying with her “sisters” (you could call them) in the wonders of the True Life far beyond any element of finiteness wished to serve and contribute to the master’s work by bringing to that Life Beyond a greater awareness and understanding of the crippling limitations that are encountered by many of her brethren on Earth. So Adele went before the Council that considers the petitions  to tell them of her heart’s desire. Upon review, the Council advised her that, while this could be an extraordinary contribution, what she was seeking to undertake would be extremely challenging, but she countered this with, how else might she truly understand what her brethren were facing if she did not, herself, face these same challenges? Several in the Council proceeded, then, to point out to Adele a number of specifics, helping her “feel” several of these experiences to better understand what she would be facing. She was shown that all along the pathway, there were repeated difficulties of grave proportion. Even more daunting, it was explained to her that her intent to serve the Light was now known by those Forces of Opposition to the Light; in other words, known that she was intending to incarnate for the purposes of serving the Light. Those Forces would, of course, then prepare for her and seek to minimize the value she would obtain from so doing, even to the extent that they might succeed at finding a way to draw her into their own group.

“This evaluation by Adele with the Council took place for a considerable period. She reviewed all of the scenarios that were brought to her and was counseled all the while, as her sisters gathered around and pointed to areas where they could assist her from Beyond by reaching her in her Spirit. Finally, the decision was brought to Adele to consider: If she believed that she could accomplish her intent to experience such struggles and not be lost to those very challenges, then the incarnation would be permitted; if there was any doubt whatsoever that she might be taken in by the Forces of Opposition, the Elders of the Council would ask her to step back from the incarnation until such time as she was fortified sufficiently in heart and Spirit that there would be no such potential. Adele did not waver in her confidence that she could pass through these challenges. So, she was given the incarnation with one final important requisite given to her: the Spirit within Adele, being unusually bright, could not be shone forth in the incarnation, or the intent of her journey would be muted if not lost; in other words, if her Light was shining too brightly from the Spirit within her, the experiences being sought would not be able to come to her, which would negate the entire purpose for the incarnation. Therefore, as with most all who incarnate, the memory of the Light of her Spirit would be wiped from her consciousness and she would be starting the incarnation with no knowledge of her purpose, and neither would she know of the purposes for all the challenges that would come her way as she would be inundated. Adele made known her complete understanding of the requisites, and her incarnation began.

“The incarnation brought her immediately into confluences of various energies that are typical of the Earth: transgressions against one another, belief systems that are based upon illusionary topics, and on and on (1). Thus, at the forefront of her lifetime, she began with a significant question (2) which she carried deep within her being and which brought to her significant challenge again and again by the Forces of Opposition. As she progressed in the incarnation, she grew to understand the nature of how many people in the Earth made their decisions based upon transient or finite goals and activities, these being the physical attraction of one to another, the monetary or material goals and desires, and other powerful emotional energies. In all of this, the question in her subconscious continued to underpin the challenges.

“Approximately halfway through what was to be (by some standards) her short life, through one of these significant challenges (3), the Forces of Opposition believed they had conquered her and, yet, the Light in her Spirit was strong, and she endured. At several points, her sisters used their Lines of Light to help her to sustain the journey (4).

“With a renewed spiritual insight invoked in her by the loving intentions of those surrounding her during this first major challenge (5), the lifetime progressed. But there came, once again, more and more opportunity to see and share with friends and colleagues who believed that their lifetime was nothing more than a frivolous activity and, in the depth of that frivolity, Adele found herself captured again (6) because of some of the needs that were developing in her. There came the potential for the termination of the physical body (7), and two of her sisters came and gave her visions that inspired her to back away from the potential that was about to transpire. After a period of time, her habits were broken and she returned, again, to a focus that was to be a powerful force to carry her forward, being in regular contact with those of spiritual intent and service (8), and she brought the Lines of Light with those beyond the Earth into focus and directly to her Spirit. Spiritually, she was given the opportunity to move forward and awaken her Spirit and did so, continuing to gain understanding through the cross currents of emotions and challenges that were present all the while.

“In time, she came, again, to a point where there was another enormous challenge (9), and the powerful Forces of Opposition sought to terminate her incarnation. That termination was near to occurring when two of the angelic host came to assist her. From this point forward, there were many different experiences that were encountered and learned, and the encountering of these experiences brought more and more of her Spirit out even though the struggles were being placed upon her, again and again.

“Aware of her considerable success (10), it appeared as though her journey was about to conclude (11), for Adele’s choice was to journey only so long as there was that to be gained — information, knowledge, and experience — that would be of value to the groups, her sisters and brothers beyond the Earth. When she realized there was great value in returning with this knowledge and experience immediately, she accepted the opportunity to depart from physical form (12) and brought this knowing, in a personal way, to those with whom she had journeyed before and will always journey with.


“This was a profound gift from Adele for, though one can observe these experiences from beyond or from other levels, actually being in those experiences such as Adele was is quite different; the energies are so potent that they could not be merely looked upon … they had to be experienced.

“Now the one who was called Adele before entering the Earth (and is now called Megan by those who love her) journeys once again with her sisters. She is in the midst of those who are spreading the Peaceful Love of the Feminine energy in lands where the masculine does not honor the feminine equal to their own. Consequently, this Feminine energy being brought here in Spirit by these sisters is not challenged, and this beautiful blanket of Loving Peace that is descending over the area called the Middle East is doing a very good work.

“Adele met the masculine in a way that she had not known, for the Masculine here is equal in Love and Peace to the Feminine, only expressed differently. Her challenges, as she met them, were a lack of understanding based upon having no experience of that nature: in dealing with the breaking of promises, the misleading by way of falsehoods, and so on. So, she brought this information back, and now the sisters are flowing their Peace and Love with new understanding around these qualities of emotion as they are encountered.

“The one who you have known as your daughter, called Megan, was lifted up out of the physical body by two angels: Teresa and Aolea. In her present state of Being, she is reaching out to know the depth and breadth of the meaning of Freedom as she has never truly known it in her past lifetime. It is true, she believed in it, she felt it; now she is it. Her peace is something to look upon in a state of wondrous joy. And the sweetness that you feel that rushes over you here and there is flowing from her in gratitude and joy and love … all of you. She is sending it to you and to all.”  -Lama Sing 20180106


From Megan directly, from Beyond, in a reading:

All that was is no more. I am free. And the joy and beauty, the wonder of it all, exceeds my most fond dreams while in the physical of the Earth. Nothing remains but the purity of my own Spirit and my Oneness with our Father.

“In the nature of experiences in finiteness, this past journey has opened understandings that many who work with those who are being challenged by limitations, by fears, by doubts, and by habits, are now far better “equipped” for having observed and experienced along with me in that just past incarnation.

“Thank you so very much for the gifts all of you have given to me. Peace be with you in the name of the Christ. My love and His are ever yours.”  – Adele 20171103


Explanations of the events being referred to by Lama Sing:

(1)  She was abandoned by her birth father and then again by a father figure brought into her life by her mother.

(2) A significant question – Why was I not good enough for my father? This question would greatly impact her life and her choices in subconscious (later, conscious) ways. (She and her birth father were later to reconnect and work together to move past her feelings of self-doubt and unworthiness, aiding tremendously in her success with her struggles in the last few years of her life.)

(3) The first significant incident – She was date raped at age 14 by a 20 yr old, followed by the discovery by her parents of her use of alcohol and drugs accompanied by significant suicidal thoughts. This resulted in their professionally advised decision to place her in a facility that could watch her every move, where she spent the greater part of a year before returning home, clean, sober, and with a renewed hope.

(4) The Sisters came to help – Her time away was extremely challenging emotionally and physically, being at a “ranch” for addictions and depression that purposely, as they got clean and sober and received frequent therapy, pushed the patients’ limits to prepare them for life on the outside.

(5)  Loving intentions brought to her – The environment in which she was placed was tough but caring.

(6) Captured again – When she returned from the the facility, one of her first challenges was, at age 15, having to face the rape incident in court because the State brought charges against the perpetrator. The depression she thought she’d mastered while away and becoming clean and sober returned, and she began to self-medicate with drugs and alcohol, unaware that it was brought on by increasing chemical, biological imbalances. Additionally, having finished high school while away, she started college at age 15, which brought its own set of challenges.

(7) The potential for termination of the body –  She dangled for over an hour outside her 13th floor balcony trying to decide to jump or not.

(8)  Habits were broken by those of spiritual intent – those she found in having started AA; and, finally being diagnosed, she began receiving psychological counseling and medication.

(9)  Another enormous challenge – An error in the dosage of medication caused what was to be (she said) by far the most challenging time of her life, not understanding why, when things were going so well, she was suddenly plunged into “the darkest of dark” and unable to reach her psychiatrist for help. She had a gun in her mouth, ready to pull the trigger, before she managed to pull away and something told her to check her prescription bottles, where she discovered the error and managed to track down the doctor and begin her return to “normalcy.” Upon the conclusion of this experience, because she had awakened her Spirit by this time, she would tell others that this “darkest time of her life” had helped her the most by proving to her her strong faith in God, which empowered her tremendously in the months to come.

(10)  Success – In work, with friends, in having beat “the darkest hour” and those “demons,” finally coming to know and appreciate herself in all ways, and finding out how strong her faith in God was.

(11)  About to depart – About six months from the point of her last near physical departure.

(12)  Departure from physical form – Sudden death at age 28

[on “Suicide” and Megan/Adele]

“As the one we have called Adele passed through the challenges of her life, there were frequent opportunities for her to see the illusions that were being perpetuated by those around her. And, while she chose varying methods of escape to avoid these, ultimately she came to know them as just what they are: the manufacture of the collective mass-mind thought and the status quo of what you would call the victims of society and those things which are considered to be of importance and a value to be quested for. But the greater she made the effort to quest for these, the more evident — thanks to the information she was so uniquely involved in and knowing through this Channel and these works as the transcriptionist for many years — she saw the illusionary aspects of these.

“Not judging but supporting others who were pursuing those goals endeared her to them and, yet, all the while, the strength of her love and compassion for others was fueled — see, fueled — and fortified by the fact that she knew these things to be what they are: finite passages through experiences chosen by the souls who dwell in the Earth.

“For her, the realization came very early on that those things that were quested after by many did not fit her Spirit. And she realized the greater and greater value of her Spirit as the journey continued, until such point as she realized her value was now to be of greater service Beyond. So she chose that pathway; not out of hardship, not out of duress, but out of a sense of joy, a sense of hopefulness that, ‘I can do the greater work now, in the Beyond, and so I shall.’

“When one considers the aspects of what is called (quote) ‘suicide’ (end quote) it is not to include this sort of choice, for this is not a suicidal act. It is a choice to depart the finite for the Infinite. Not out of pain, not out of suffering, but out of the realization that the greater Truth for them, for she, lies beyond.

“So now she journeys without any qualms of limitation, no fears, no habits, no victims, utterly Free. Such choice is offered to all souls: Complete Freedom upon departure. Yet so many find difficulty in accepting Complete Freedom. For one reason or another — they feel unworthy, they feel guilty, they feel some sense of longing for something that is outside of Complete Freedom — and so they journey to a half-way point wherein they can satiate those desires, needs, whatever you would call them, until they are Complete.

“Adele is Complete.”

–Lama Sing 20180413

We love you, sweetie …


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