Megan Miner

In Cherished Memory:

Our youngest child made her transition
on the morning of October 25 at the age of 28.

Many in the group called her their “Little Sister”
because she has been transcribing the readings since she was 14,
sharing her insights on the readings along the way.

Here is what Meg had to say to the group about the Second Coming when she sent this transcript:

“Wow!! This reading was awesome and so easy to understand everything now. I’m excited to leave!! I never have a problem leaving movies or books unfinished. I think this has been a great movie, but I’d love the choice to go see other ones too. And now I’m not afraid anymore. I was getting worried that when it came time to make a decision, I might keep myself here, but now I know that I’ll be ready to exit, and always have been!”

And this after a transcript this past April:
“How blessed I truly am to have the exposure to something bigger, something beyond what you can see, something that relies on true faith. How blessed I am that my faith is never questioned, that though my dedication may waver…that though I allow myself to dance in the dazzling finiteness, my reliance on and faith in God never diminishes. How am I so lucky? I was fortunate to grow up with parents that lived this…lived in this world of unlimited beauty that parallels reality, yet it was never forced upon me, not even slightly sold to me in the hopes that I might adopt their beliefs. How blessed I truly am that my receptiveness has allowed me to comprehend a consciousness that others only dream of. How blessed I am to be able to lose myself in the unlimited, unending possibilities of realms of God’s creation. I hope that I will be able to gift this to others as it has been gifted to me, that my faith is strong enough to lend to others when they are engrossed in doubt. That my persistent battle with light and dark [of depression] can illustrate the sheer strength of my Father’s protection of me. That though I flirt with “good and bad”, with finite and infinite, with eternal and trivial, with humility and vanity, with love and competition…how blessed I truly am to be carried on the wings of angels to my Father’s side, back to my center with the Universe. How blessed I truly am.”

Megan has been described by her friends as “bigger than life.” Though she loved life to the fullest — her family, her job, her friends, and, most of all, God, she suffered from depression beginning at an early age. She called those who wrestle with the darkness her “brothers and sisters.” Her prayer would be that you join with her in bringing light and hope to those struggling with despair, and that you remember them regularly in your own prayers. (See her on Facebook)

Watch: In the Name of Love


“There will be increasing energies as the Waves of Light are becoming more and more beautifully present. And so, it is good for all to look within to strengthen your faith and your peace, your love of God and, in the knowing of that love, to set yourselves free. And so, you have seen her be an example of this in spite of the burdens, the challenges, the (quote) “demons” (end quote), which brings a bit of humor to her now, for they are illusions (as she would communicate to you) and have only the power that one gives to them. But enough on this.”  -Lama Sing  20171103

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