Posted May 04, ’14 – The Power That Is Yours

Susan: Hello. This week I am writing the column because I would like to preface a series  of Columns that Al will be offering on a very important topic.

We’ve all seen photographs taken of our beloved Earth by astronauts spellbound from their vantage point. Through their recordings as well as Hollywood depictions we can imagine the experience as our own, maybe even feel ourselves as the one floating in space in utter wonder. In such vicarious “experiences” there may come a moment of incredulity that conflict however big or small could possibly exist.

Lama Sing has spoken often of the illusions that call our focus to conflict and away from the beauty. But there are no photographs of what Lama Sing sees, perceives. There are no movies. So, we are left to our imagination.

Or are we?

I have been in a unique position as companion to Al in the midst of his “near-death” experiences, fellow traveller in his journeys so far beyond his body, beyond Earth and galaxies and the farthest star imaginable to a Space beyond space, that I tell you from experience, if you will open yourself, in the next several columns what Al will offer could move you beyond imagination to a memory, a knowing. While this is a topic with volumes written on it, offering it from his intimacy with the Space Al might just spark a potential power in you that awaits us all.

None but those who have experienced it could share the transforming effect — removed from wars, politics, and all manner of life’s machinations — of being in space watching the Earth. Then, more than 10,000 times being in a Space that knows only the embracing Sacred Silence Al, likewise, carries precious perspective of a potential that is ours to control and direct: The Power of Forgiveness.

I hope you will join him in this series, beginning next week


(image by NASA)