Posted Apr 03, ’16 – Preparing for Freedom


Al: Descriptive titles such as “Realms,” Levels,” Dimensions” and more can trigger an array of understandings with entirely different meanings for each observer.

The term “a realm” generally means a location in time and space – or more accurately, consciousness – that those who dwell within that realm are in agreement with one another. They have the same or similar states of awareness. This could involve holding onto the similar limitations or desires that “call” them to gather at a level of being that is the focal point of that realm.

When one is utterly Free, no such emotional attractions, attachments, fears, etc. remain within the sum of one’s being. Thus they are able to pass from Earthly form through the process called death and easily journey through the many realms of consciousness and associated temptations that lay beyond Earth with no desire to dwell there.

If something should call to them from within their being as they pass through a realm, they may choose to dwell in that realm to experience and explore that inner “call” or even perhaps to serve one or more. How long they remain in such realms is dependent on the depth of that “call” within them.

All of which underscores the value of clearing away limiting emotions, desires, fears, while yet in finite form.