Posted May 26, ’14 – Forgiveness #3


AL: I had a column written when I realized that this is Memorial Day weekend, a perfect time to address an event some of you may remember from the reading about it, but I’d like to add some things I saw and felt that were not recorded.

We began that reading by journeying to a beautiful path of light and as I watched in awe as many souls, surrounded in the light of their own beauty, were moving upwards on that path guided by many luminous beings, I was struck by the happiness and wonder that they displayed. It was one of the few times that I’d seen many souls crossing over together that had such camaraderie. It was sort of like they decided to all go out for a beautiful walk together. That was the ambience. I remember looking back down the path. I could see them coming up, getting brighter and brighter as they moved up the path. Beautiful.

Then I felt something that didn’t fit this beautiful movement of souls and, as I followed what I felt, I saw him… a man crouching in the shadows. He looked to have been in his mid-20s. He was kneeling and calling out, bewildered, confused, because the things he’d been told were not happening. Instead, forces from the darkness were calling to him, trying to call him down. I heard his lamenting. I remember it to this moment. It was chilling. And I felt this overwhelming sense of compassion. I saw how his innocence had been tainted by others and I believe it was this native innocence that prevented him from falling. What I saw was essentially an innocent young man who had been conditioned to believe that his actions were those demonstrative of true faith in his God. The things he had been conditioned to believe were now calling out to him from the darkness, not from the light.

It was a gripping scene of contrast. The victims moving past him in the brilliance of their acceptance of God’s love for them, while the young man in the shadows remained dazed and confused. After he realized that he had been manipulated, he began grieving, reaching out to those going by, calling for their forgiveness, but their light was so bright they couldn’t see or hear him.

You probably know by this point this has to do with the events that occurred on September 11, 2001. As I reflect on this today, after all these years, I think the “accidental” happening of these events may have somehow jarred these people free from any guilts or burdens that they might otherwise have carried across. There was a lot of planning of “evil” and so there had to be an equal force of light building to balance that. It feels to me that angels of mercy were already there before the planes even hit.

So, what does this event, and what I witnessed and am now sharing with you, offer us? Let your own heart guide you.