Posted May 18, ’14 – Forgiveness #2


AL: As I meditated on what to share with you in this week’s column I was dizzied by how much forgiveness is involved in our life. Following my first column I felt a strong pull to present a different perspective of forgiveness. Here is an experience I believe will do that:

I had just begun a reading and was blissfully sailing off in the beautiful darkness when I felt this great force pulling me. And I thought, “Oh, no. Not back to the Earth. I just came from there.” But it wasn’t actually back to the Earth. What I saw, when I looked down, was like a beautiful glowing amphitheater. I suddenly found myself standing at the top of it, at an aisle leading down to its center. There were curved rows of stone seating to my right and left.

I was guided down the aisle to be seated a few rows from the bottom. The seats looked like stone but, curiously, they felt soft and warm. I then looked at my body and was numbed to see that I was in a form just like my earthly body, though it had no density. I could have put my finger into it had I thought of that. It was like thick light or energies, and I had on a long garment like a cloak or robe. This was me, sitting there in some sort of structure in the middle of a reading I was just supposed to be channeling!

Some movement off to the side caught my attention. There were other people or entities here! They looked similar to myself with maybe some brighter colors in their robes but they were “real”! They were moving down other aisles and taking seats at various levels of the amphitheater. Several of them glanced at me as they were moving towards their seats and gave me a warm smile, which I could feel resonating within me. It felt warm and good. Wow! Only my Earthly conductor knew who the reading was for and what the questions were, so I was in the dark about all this, but I was excited.

My attention was abruptly drawn to some activity taking place in the center of the open area below me. There, hovering in mid-air, was a long narrow table with no legs! Something shimmering began to form on top of the table and suddenly a number of shiny beings came and positioned themselves around the table. The shimmering on the table swiftly formed into a body, not a physical body but the detail was exactly the same. It had some swirling light and color on it that I could actually feel right where I was seated. I was in awe of this experience but my attention was quickly drawn back to the beings surrounding the entity on top of the floating table. The beings of light began to move about the table and some were slowly moving their hands over the body while others seemed to be actually reaching into the body of the entity itself.

As this was taking place the array of colors and energies were impacting me as though they were being broadcast from the work being done. Some of the light beings were cleaning the colors, so that the previously dim light and colors were now much brighter and vibrant. I knew these broadcast energies were Earthly thoughts and emotions coming from within the entity on the table. I also knew instinctively how easily such energies could attach themselves or cause a reaction that might pull me back to my earthly body and end the reading, so, I simply observed and let the radiating bands of energies pass by.

In a later reading I asked what this was all about and was told that I was shown all this to build an understanding of how emotions, thoughts, and related energies affect an individual while incarnate. I was also told that the other beings I had seen were there to observe and better understand the limitations that are faced on Earth so that they would be better prepared to serve there.

For many years after that if the reading I was doing had questions about health I was guided to the amphitheater and this scenario would be repeated. Gradually I began to leave the amphitheater once it appeared in the readings and was taken to learn other teachings. But I’ve never forgotten how vividly I felt the hampering of the flow of wellness in these individuals because of the things they were holding onto. These experiences drove home the importance of forgiveness in daily life. The simple act of forgiving and letting go of something sticky in life can be the determining factor between wellness and dis-ease.