Posted May 10, ’14 – Forgiveness #1


AL: If we were one of those newborn babies who were lifted up by their ankles and slapped on the butt after birth, we immediately had something to forgive. But the forgiveness I’ll be writing about reaches beyond the lifetime ahead for that child:
Over the years of journeying with Lama Sing in the readings we often passed through realms of consciousness where people who had crossed over had chosen to dwell. On one such occasion, I asked Lama Sing about a realm that was really dreary and limited compared to the beautiful realms beyond. Why had the entities chosen to be there?
Lama Sing explained that where they were dwelling simply reflected the level of consciousness they believed in and held within, and that they wouldn’t be able to sustain consciousness were they to move beyond this point, similar to a mountain climber who is not prepared to breathe above a certain altitude.
That seemed sad to me. I asked about the beautiful beings of light I could see standing beside them, and why these entities wouldn’t just turn to the beings and ask for help to move out of this place.
Lama Sing said the entities couldn’t perceive the guides and teachers among them because what they held within them clouded that ability. Their beliefs and judgments that they carried from past experiences continued to limit them, just as they did while in physical body.
I could feel Lama Sing lovingly observing me. Understanding my concern they explained further that, while the physical, the outer, falls away upon that called death, the inner remains; that the collage of judgements and emotionally charged energies still being carried determines the level of consciousness (the “realm”) to which they will then be attracted. It will feel comfortable to them, like home.
Again and again in subsequent readings, as I journeyed to reach the level of pure Consciousness from which the readings would be given, I passed through realms of limited consciousness, where the array of memories and emotions dulled the lights of the entities dwelling there.
However, I have also had the profound privilege of being present many times when entities in a limited realm called out from within the depths of their sorrow and grief and, instantly, beautiful beings of light surrounded them and lifted them up from that previous prison of their own unforgiven memories. Occasionally, we we would follow the movement of an entity choosing to let go and I could feel the forces that had been limiting them falling away like leaves from a tree in Autumn. The limitations were being displaced by beautiful energies of God’s Love and Grace. Ultimately, the guides took them to a place of peace and rest, continuing to nurture them. I was present also on some occasions when an entity was evidentially finishing their rest and other beings of light came to guide them to choose what they might do next.