Posted Mar 08, ’14 – The Law of Free Will


Al: Last week, I talked about the value of determining an intent for yourself, not only to preserve you from the influences of mass-mind thought that continually swirl around us in daily life, but also to give a direction to who we are and where we wish to go. By that I mean, what our ideal or our intention is for this life.

Now, I’d like to talk about: How does an intent actually function? How does it work to preserve our integrity of choice? And how is it possible that this can be an influence on our daily life?

Most people know about Universal Law or have heard about various aspects of it. In this instance, I’d like to focus on the Law of Free Will Choice.

It has been said in the readings that the greatest gift that God has given to us is our right of free will choice. Based on the journeys I’ve taken to many different realms of consciousness, I see clearly that the right of free will choice is universal. It applies no matter what level of consciousness we are in.

In my journeys beyond the Earth I’ve frequently encountered other realms wherein many entities had gathered and, as I explored this a little deeper (thanks to Lama Sing and guides), I came to understand that the choices that we take with us once we depart from the Earth are those choices that can determine what experiences we will have once we leave the Earth, once this lifetime is concluded.

One of the realms that I learned of in a reading was surprising to me and a little bit humorous, as well. The realm was filled with preachers, people who had been a minister or a preacher in the Earth and had become so dedicated, so fond of their service, that work, that, once they released the body (died, if you will) and moved on, that was the overriding intent that they held. That was the desire that remained at the forefront of their consciousness. And so, sure enough, as you might already expect, they can gravitate to a realm where other entities such as themselves are there, still continuing to preach the Word, preach their sermons and so forth. The difficulty that arises for them is that there isn’t any congregation for them to preach to. There are only many, many other preachers who are striving to offer their own sermons and, therefore, are not listening to the sermons of anyone else.

It was humorous at first and, then, as I came to allow the consciousness of this to really be known, I started to feel a sense of sadness for these many dedicated souls who had lived the life of service, according to their definition of that word. And I was told that all they had to do was, in many respects, apply what they had been teaching all throughout their lifetime… and that is, quite simply, to exercise their free will choice and to ask.

And I did get to see one preacher finally say, “Lord, I release this. Help me, Father. Help me.” Instantly, he was taken by beautiful beings of light from that (as it came to be called) the Preacher’s Realm to a very beautiful realm wherein his spirit could be embraced and given the opportunity to grow and expand, and where he would be bathed in the love and gratitude of many of those he had served and, most of all, by Father’s love and grace.

So, what I gained from that experience is the realization, once again, of the power of our choice, the power of free will choice. When we exercise our free will from within mass-mind thought, that is a field around us. It doesn’t preclude other choices that we may or may not have made, but it does grant us the opportunity to see, to perceive, and to realize what we are experiencing and whether or not this is something that is really of our choice, or, just an influence from the sea of mass-mind thought that is around us. So, I encourage you to think about free will choice and realize that it’s something that you have that can’t be taken from you.

You’ve probably heard stories from prisoners of war who have finally been released after many years of imprisonment and how they chose to place their thoughts and their heart and emotions into something of their own choice. Even though they were physically imprisoned, their mind and spirit was free and they exercised that right of choice. And you can read how this exercising of their free will choice and this inner freedom was what empowered them to endure.

So, as we go through our daily activities and experiences and encounter challenges, I hope you’ll remember… Pause for a moment here and there to remind yourself that you have free will choice, and that choice applies to you. So, while you may not be able to control circumstances that are transpiring outside of you, you can control, by your choice, how you react to them, what you experience from them, and what you take away from those encounters and carry with you thereafter.