Posted Mar 30, ’14 – Actualizing Consciousness


Al: When I take my journeys into pure consciousness, I have this feeling of an eternal sense of peace and wonder. There’s a sacred silence, if you will, that surrounds me and I become one with it.

When a journey is concluded and I know that it is time for me to return to my physical body, I try to hold onto those experiences that I might bring them back to my finite expression in the Earth and to contribute them to the consciousness that surrounds the Earth itself, and of course to each of you, my brothers and sisters.

Some of the effects that I have noticed over the past months that are, in my mind, directly related to those journeys to pure consciousness, are felt first in my meditations. I can achieve a sense of such beautiful silence that very swiftly feels sacred to me. It is as though Lord God Himself is embracing me in that time of silence, and when I return from that meditation, much of that remains in and about me. So I see this is a very significant benefit to be contributed to anyone I meet during the day, or to be a part of the energies of any works I do, and so this is one of the accomplishments that I see to date, from taking these journeys to pure consciousness.

It’s my intent to continue them to the extent that I can manifest this pure consciousness while yet in finite form. One of the other things that I’ve noticed just in the last several weeks, when someone simply talks to me about Consciousness, I feel a shift, a tingling, an energy that sort of rivulets up-and-down all throughout my body. Very pleasant, very familiar as well. It’s a sense of connection and the more friends and I talk about capital “C” consciousness, pure consciousness, the more this presence of it in our daily lives seems to be growing. I don’t mean to speak for others but I think it’s growing for them as well.

So one of the things that I might encourage everyone to do is to look for that profound silence, that profound peace, in a state of meditation and hold onto that. By that I mean release everything else that would seem to wish to command your attention, and just focus on the sacred silence.

The more significantly you dedicate yourself to doing this, to achieving this sacred silence in your meditation, and dwelling in it, the more you’ll see evidence of it in every aspect of your life.