Posted Mar 20, ’15 – Clearing the Path to Consciousness


AL: To reach “C” Consciousness I set aside thought and emotion, essentially stopping traditional thought and emotion completely. This sets me free to reach a state of inner silence, which is followed by a beautiful peace so grand that I feel one with God within it. For some, setting aside thought and emotion may seem a challenge, but it is one well worth pursuing. When freedom from thought and emotion has been experienced just one time, it will never be forgotten.

One method I use is to feel myself moving straight ahead like the bow of a ship passing through a great sea. The bow itself is the power of my intent, my will to break free, and the sea is whatever thought and emotion that might be present. Since these are within my experience, I have the right to set them aside. If a particular thought seems to stick to me, I focus on it with deliberateness  to see and know it to be a past experience and not a literal part of me. I do not to engage it in a challenging or destructive way, but only to see it for what it is. This simple act empowers me to easily set it and myself free.

Once freedom from finite thought and emotion are achieved, a feeling of movement is very evident. I believe this feeling to be a very important part of the meditational process to build a strong foundation that will support movement into Consciousness, Itself. There are many potential stopping points between finiteness and the infinity of Consciousness and having such a sturdy foundation makes this possible.