Posted Jun 02, ’14 – Forgiveness #4


AL: The examples of what happened to entities who crossed over who were still holding unforgiven memories highlights the importance of forgiveness for our future journeys. But whether referring to forgiveness from the vantage point of the beyond or the present, in both cases the objective is to set ourselves free.

Events that need our understanding and forgiveness are often accumulated subtly as we move through life. Even events that originally held a powerful emotional charge tend to fade into the background over time and remain deep within us until we actively choose to set them free.

Our past is meant to be the foundation supporting us in the present. But only if we have learned to set past experiences free to take their proper place within can this happen. Life itself often triggers us to reach back and relive a particular traumatic event again and again. In such cases, the past can color the present and distort our view of fresh new experiences. So instead of being foundational blessings that lift us up they become burdens robbing us of opportunities in the present.

Freedom is a state of being that has no limitation. It is a state of oneness with our Creator and we can attain this even while expressed in finite form. Attaining freedom and claiming this oneness presents us with a potential that is all-powerful. But having such a magnitude of power doesn’t mean that it would be imposed upon others or existence itself. Rather, such power is the claiming of one’s true nature as a child of God and it affirms that we are created of God and are His inheritors.

To claim the power of forgiveness and set self free has one very important first step, and that is choice. To be successful, it must be OUR choice to seek out and release unforgiven events of the past.

If you truly feel ready to proceed, know that it requires your full participation, your full intention, you must want this otherwise there is no point in reading any further.


Here are my suggestions.

Begin by reflecting on a past experience until you have empowered it to be the Intent of your work. Bring it to the surface of your consciousness so that it is clearly known and defined. Any emotions that come with it should fall away as you proceed but if these feel too intense for you presently, wait until you are more prepared or have a professional assist you. When you have reached a point where this intent is clearly known, move into a state of prayer or meditation placing this intent before you as though it were an inanimate object. Then release the thought of it setting yourself free to move into the silence of meditation as the intent to free yourself from that experience moves before you.

Place your attention directly in front of you like the bow of a ship moving gracefully through the embracing darkness. A beautiful silence will soon come to you. Use the power of this silence to know that experience, which you have set before you as your intent, without the distracting influence of other thoughts and emotions around it. This will enable you to defuse the situation because the binding energies of emotion that conscious mind habitually uses as pathways to nourish the situation are not present.

In the depth of the silence the experience will be seen with clarity as a past experience and nothing more. Individuals or groups who were a part of the experience, viewed from the neutrality of deep silence, will be seen as parts of the experience, not parts of you. Continue to move deeper and deeper into the silence until you can view the experience and all the participants from the neutrality of an observer. Soon, a peaceful understanding will awaken within you. Then, from within the silence say to yourself, “I forgive you.” As you do this you will feel something change within you. You may have a rippling feeling of energy moving within you, a little shiver, a flush of energy that moves throughout your being and more. You have just exercised your power as a child of God.

Should any twinges of these experiences come to you in future, just pause a few moments and focus on them. Confront them in an attitude of peaceful neutrality. These are your experiences and you have the ultimate authority over them.