Posted Jun 10, ’14 – Forgiveness #5


AL: In my last column I offered some suggestions on how to proceed to release any hurtful or unforgiven experiences that are being carried within. I encouraged you to move to a state of peaceful neutrality and allow these past events to be seen from a position of a neutral observer. This moves one beyond the emotions that might be entangled in the experiences when viewed from a normal  level of awareness.

One of the gifts that will most likely be offered in this state of neutrality is compassion. Being able to see past the event itself and to understand the history of those involved, including yourself, has a way of neutralizing the energies of such events. Achieving the position of being a compassionate observer opens the path of understanding, that you can move beyond the personal experience to an understanding of why those involved may have acted as they did. You will then begin to see in a new way without judgement of the actions of others.

In all of my journeys to other realms and levels of consciousness one beautiful essence is always present and that is compassion. It’s not expressed in definable form but, instead, feels like the absence of judgment. There is a constant sense of wellness and peace. Over the years I’ve come to realize that we can have this same quality of life right here, right now.

Without the burdensome energies of having judged others or ourselves carried within us as we journey forward in life frees us so that wellness, in every respect, becomes possible for us.