Posted Feb 13, ’15 – In the Light



AL: Everything seemed quite normal as we were driving to town that day, and since Susan was driving, I was feeling particularly relaxed and free.

I was enjoying the beauty of the brilliant blue sky, the lush green trees, and even the buildings, as I gazed out the car window.

Suddenly, as though someone had flipped a switch, a burst of light enveloped everything!

I was over-flowing with the joy of the experience. Every object I looked at returned my joy with its own. Finally, I turned to look at the interior of the car and to my amazement saw that it too was radiating light.

“Wow!” I whispered to Susan. “I see a living light in everything! Like the source of creation is showing itself to me!” Then I held up my hands. “Look! My hands are radiating that light too!”

I’ve had experiences like this in the “Beyond” but never in the physical, and certainly not while riding along in a car. I was awestruck. It was as though we were traveling along in a great sphere of light in some majestic dimension.

The Consciousness still embraces me now, as I write this and, whenever I pause the normalcy life, It sweeps me up into Its embrace.

It makes me smile to think about all my years of actively seeking Consciousness, only to have it suddenly happen riding along in an automobile:

The only barriers that exist for us in our spiritual journey are those we accept.