Posted Feb 23, ’15 – Behind the Fog



AL: The February 23rd posting from Lama Sing had special importance for me. Perhaps as you heard it you, too, felt an inner resonance, that this is an important message for us all.

A recent experience I had emphasized that message for me and so I share that with you here in the hope that it might do the same for you.

As I stepped outside one morning, I was greeted by a brilliance that made me feel as though I had stepped inside a cloud. It was a fog so thick that, try as I might, I could only see a few feet into it. Feeling that this experience held a message for me, I sat down in silent reflection to understand its meaning and was quickly captivated by a majestic dance of light and color moving about within it. The more I focused on the light, the less evident was the fog, until, finally, a burst of golden sunlight shone through to reveal the lush greenery of a new day.

It was a magnificent reminder of the beauty that lies only a few steps beyond the curtain called life. The fog representing the thoughts and emotions that are at times so thick and dense that, try as we might, the beauty of our true nature is obscured. I realized in this experience how the sun’s light was like our own inner Spirit, ever shining from within the fog-like experiences of this life, just waiting for us to claim it and the joy of a “new day”.