Posted Feb 16, ’14 – Paths of Surrender in the Sea of Consciousness


Al: The stories I shared with you last week of the two men are examples of levels of the sea of consciousness:

The man in the bar, already deathly ill from years of alcoholism, knew that if he took that last drink, he would slip into another drunken stupor. Because he was so hardened by the disdain he had for himself, and had long ago forgotten how to give or receive love, even those of the Light in that bar who love him very much, doing everything they could within the Law (not violating his right of Free Will), could not break through to him. After deliberating for awhile over the glass in front of him, he chose the drink. He “surrendered” to his lower level of consciousness, which also opened him to the discarnates dwelling at that “lower level” (I’m only using these words for understanding, not as judgment) “permitting” that world to gain entrance to him. This man died from alcohol poisoning that night.

The old man on the city sidewalk was well to-do financially but an accident left him feeling unworthy to be loved by the woman he’d built a life with. She was unable to make him believe that she still loved him, always would, and she finally left him. Alone and despondent, he “surrendered” himself to a life of self-inflicted loneliness. But he continued to love this woman. In other words, he continued to hold love in his heart. This left him open to the level of consciousness where love dwells. And it took only a gentle reminder from those dwelling in that higher consciousness, and he “surrendered” his loneliness to the love within, enough that he turned back to the boy. This man changed the direction of his life, and the boy’s, and he died a fulfilled man.


 At what levels of consciousness do you “surrender”?
What stock do you place in your free will?