Posted Apr 06, ’14 – Finding Value In Change


Al: For many years as I was preparing to go out to do a reading I would expect to see a certain symbol backlit before me. The appearance of this symbol was a confirmation for me that everything was just right and I should proceed with the reading.

Then, one night, I was completely ready — I had done everything I knew to do to be in a lovingly neutral state from which I expected to do that reading — but no symbol appeared. I reviewed what I had done to prepare for the reading and made sure that I had done everything just the way I knew was best, but I found nothing that I had excluded, everything seemed just right to do the reading. Finally, I felt such a Peace that I decided to go forward and seek the reading, even though I hadn’t received “official” go-ahead, so to say, in the form of that symbol.

I was surprised at how smoothly I moved until I reach that position from which I knew the reading was intended to be given. And, when the reading was over, Susan told me that everything went just fine and the reading was good and complete.

From that point on, the symbol no longer appeared.

I came to realize that I had been dependent on something outside of myself to make a decision for me as to whether or not to go forward and do that work. So, what was initially a disappointment, turned out to be a very valuable lesson: I had become dependent on something outside of myself for validation, rather than to turn within completely and have my own spirit and the presence of Father within me do the guiding.

I learned from that to regularly look at where I am placing my final authority for decision-making. Do I take the time to move into meditation and ask from within? In all of my experiences, which have been many, I have found the latter to be the very best of all.


Photo by Karsten Glienicke