Posted Apr 26, ’14 – The Truth Within


AL: There are a number of inner qualities that contribute to making us who we are. Many of these are easily identified and widely known, but one very important quality might not be and that is Truth.

The Truth that we hold within us has been fashioned by many different aspects of life itself. Some truths we’ve gathered from our childhood and schooling, others we’ve accumulated through our own personal experiences. There is yet another truth that is not talked about very much and that is the Truth of who we are.

In my last column I told you that Lama sing encouraged me to accept the Truth of my being a child of God and to affirm this prior to meditation. This is the Truth that I’m referring to and encourage you to claim. Accepting this as an inner Truth will bring forth a light from your own spirit which, when awakened and claimed, will flow to you constantly from God. This inner Truth is the source of life itself, but it is up to us to choose it.

As you meditate on this you will begin to feel a resonance within you as you affirm:
“I am [Name] son/daughter of God. My intent is Oneness with you. Guide me to know this now.”

As you meditate using this as your opening affirmation, allow any thoughts that may come to simply pass by, in other words do not give them your attention or energy but simply acknowledge their presence, restating your opening affirmation again and again as needed.

Faith and consistency are very important in meditation. Try to meditate with this affirmation in the morning and evening before sleep and other times as your schedule permits. Soon you will have a growing sense of who and what you are, not the “self” that is the product of life’s influences, as I described them above, but something much deeper and more profound. Soon, a peacefulness will come that is very familiar to you. Focus on this peacefulness repeatedly until you can know it and feel it easily. Eventually you’ll be able to pause at any time throughout the day and remember this peaceful truth that is you.

From this point forward you have the choice to begin to change your life by evaluating long-standing truths compared to this inner Truth of who you really are. Things that you had been taught and thoughts that you felt for many, many, years will be seen in a new light as you compare these to the inner peaceful Truth that is you. As the days pass and new experiences are encountered, this sense of Truth within you will be the rod against which you will measure which choices are right for you.